40 Things by 40th Birthday

40 year birthday sign

Who, me?



I have a big birthday looming on my horizon and I’m feeling all the feels over it.  I am analyzing my life from every angle, smiling a lot, working hard, and planning all kinds of fun to ring it in right.

My list of things to do before The Big 4-0.

  1. Dance with fire poi!
  2. Eat cheesecake
  3. Make an easy checklist and check everything off of it
  4. Wear a favorite outfit for no reason or to run errands
  5. Text solely in gif’s with a friend
  6. Peel an orange or clementine in one peel
  7. Roll down a hill
  8. Face a fear
  9. Play a good game of euchre
  10. Go dancing as much as possible
  11. Sing a (new) song at karaoke
  12. Forgive someone (everyone) who has hurt me
  13. Wake up an hour earlier than usual
  14. Hug as many people as possible in one single day
  15. Give as many genuine compliments as possible in one single day
  16. Sit in silence for 1 hour each day for 3 days straight
  17. Draw on a steamy mirror
  18. Enjoy a good, spontaneous stretch & deep breath every time you read this list
  19. Text someone and ask them to tell a funny joke
  20. Eat a long, luxurious meal with friends
  21. Turn off my phone for one full day, maybe 3 or 5 days actually
  22. Rearrange furniture
  23. Paint my bedroom
  24. Watch movies that remind me of childhood
  25. Fake a smile on a grumpy day
  26. Snuggle with an animal
  27. Go skinny dipping (preferably in a lake)
  28. Ride a horse!
  29. Watch a sad movie and get a good cry out
  30. Write love notes in cursive and send them in snail mail
  31. Learn the meaning of a new word and use it for a week
  32. Take a day off just to have a movie marathon
  33. Go to a drive in movie
  34. Take a nap in a park
  35. Ride my bike 40 miles and enjoy a picnic with wine in the middle of it
  36. Do a 2 hour yoga practice with 40 surya namaskars to my favorite dance songs
  37. Hike Bishop Peak with Lucy in carrier
  38. Spend an entire day spoiling Lucy & Mike 110%
  39. Start learning to play guitar
  40. Have a proper Sunday Funday which starts and coffee and migrates to Gus’s.  Maybe even an Elks pitstop?

What else should I add to this list?

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3 Responses to 40 Things by 40th Birthday

  1. admin says:

    Good idea! Will see what I can do with my rusty blog skillz.

  2. Katy says:

    You need to add sign ups under the ones you want company on so your friends can share in your list accomplishments!

  3. Chelcea Dressler Crowley says:

    Build something repair something that is broken

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