A Green Piece of Cake

Mother Earth = +1. Roxy = :).

Yes, my green travel mission was a true success and learning experience. Did you expect otherwise? I succeeded in confusing the cashiers at Whole Foods by bringing my own food containers and telling them to “Take 10 off”. One cashier said, “Do we sell those here?”. Haha! My cloth napkin and reusable fork were super easy to carry in my bag and helped me realize how many paper napkins I often use in a meal, a day, a trip. I kept all my recycling with me and have a bag of stuff to recycle including all my receipts and paper plates from eating slices of pizza. A city as amazing as New York City doesn’t really have recycling everywhere which I never really noticed before. I’ll likely be bringing it back with me to SLO. The only stuff I really ended up throwing away was uneaten food. My travel mug was great in the airport, they filled it with hot water at Starbucks and on the plane. Having tea was enough of a treat so I resisted the call of the free can of soda. I didn’t feel uncomfortable doing any of these things, it was all easy with just a little forethought. It didn’t cramp my style or make me stand out in a crowd. It really makes me wonder what change we could all affect with just a little effort. And I mean LITTLE effort. I worked 9-10 hours a day, attended yoga a few times, and was still able to fit this in.

My last event with MINDBODY was a lesson in patience and presence. Try teaching 90 people about internet based software without the internet for 3 days! I have to say that my students were mostly gracious and understanding, which is kind of a surprise in New York City. Alright NYC, maybe you’re not as grumpy and aggressive as some might say. My friend SJ said something interesting, that what passes in our culture for control is really just routine. When our routine gets rocked, we get freaked out and can’t handle it. But we can’t control what the universe hands us every moment of every day. We can do the best with what we’ve been dealt, but it makes me wonder how much we control and how much we don’t in our lives.

Off to one more class at Laughing Lotus in NYC. It’s one of my favorite studios in NYC and I look forward to taking a training with them soon and bringing some of the lotus energy to the Dog.

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