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funky wild thang

Have you ever done funky wild thing in yoga class? Maybe on the dance floor? What’s that you wonder? Why it’s Parsva Vasisthasana! It’s what you’ve been missing in your life and yoga practice, I swear! I can’t really find … Continue reading

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where are the vampires when you need em

I know in my logical right brain that we will all eventually die, but is it ever easy to accept it when it’s those closest to you? Or those you least expect?  Is there ever a good time or a … Continue reading

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kick your own arse

I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary.  ~Betsy Cañas Garmon Ha!  I love it!  I found this website with some fun little inspirational yoga tidbits. I participated in yet another … Continue reading

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a girl from south detroit part ii

Yes!  Someone responded to my letter to the editor regarding the article Motor City Breakdown which was printed in Rolling Stone magazine recently.  I was a little frustrated by the author’s lack of connection to Detroit and decided to let … Continue reading

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what would shiva do?

As I sit in LAX sick with yet another cold I am feeling a little less patient than usual. I wondered to myself, what would shiva do? What would she do if she was sick, stuck in an airport? I … Continue reading

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back to reality

As Eminem would say, back to reality, oh there goes gravity. Back to work. Back to teaching yoga. Back to my messy apartment. I taught a few yoga classes this week and tried to incorporate some of what I learned … Continue reading

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post shiva stress syndrome

After spending a week with Shiva Rea at yoga teacher training it is hard to come back to reality. In many ways I am renewed, revitalized, energized, and inspired to share myself and what I’ve learned. In my head I … Continue reading

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shiva tt conclusion part ii

My training is officially over and I am home after my 3 hour drive from LA back to my lovely home in San Luis Obispo. I really enjoyed my last day to the fullest extent! I wandered to the Venice … Continue reading

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shiva tt conclusion

I have mostly completed my Shiva teacher training experience. As I expected I am walking away invigorated, excited, more in love with yoga and myself, inspired, ready to bring some of this back to my own personal yoga practice, my … Continue reading

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just say no to burnout

One of the most difficult aspects of yoga for me is actually listening to my body and taking it easy when I need to. I really don’t notice when I need to take it easy in life or yoga until … Continue reading

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