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summertime sun

How do you enjoy the summertime? For me it’s often signing up for too much to do, tank tops, blown out flip flops, trying to avoid sunburn while at the same time enjoying that bright orb, BBQ, friends, vacation, the Elks Lodge pool (it’s so awesome), sleeping with the windows open, and fruit smoothies for breakfast. I hope you’re enjoying some of the bounty of this season of fire and change. One of my favorite summertime songs is below for inspiration, hurry click play!

Being a firey red head (pitta in the ayurvedic world), in summer I enter my yearly battle with the sun, summer, and heat. I love summer, almost to my own detriment. I have found myself sick twice in one summer, with numerous cold sores, a completely lost/hoarse voice, highly anxious and exhausted most of the time over committing to life and not taking care of myself well enough. In yogi nutrition it is thought that like increases like. So if you feel overheated and are noticing inflammation, spicy, hot foods will just increase those issues. You have to keep cool in this warm season and what you eat is part of that. Each year I get a little better. This year I am in love with my epic sun hats and long sleeve shirts, sleeping enough, eating tons of berries and greens, and taking it a day at a time. It’s so easy to let the seasons turn into years and to forget to enjoy the present moment. A good life doesn’t necessarily mean doing every single thing you are invited to, or that you have an inclination to do. I have also learned that it’s important for me to participate with a different energy level. I don’t need to be on fire, the life of the party, every single time I’m out and about. It’s OK to be in the background sipping water and the first to go to bed or yoga. I’m off to cycle the Netherlands by bike in a couple weeks too and I don’t want to be pooped on my adventure 🙂

Dr. Doulliard, an ayurvedic physician I dig says that eating dark, leafy vegetables every day, eating decadent amounts of berries, and copious amounts of plain water are three major ways to survive the season without burning yourself out. It has really helped me feel better and the berries are amazing in California right now.

May you keep yourself cool, and sunburn free this season. There are tons of summertime songs out there, even New Kids on the Block did a song in their day!

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