Because, Cancer

I have recently started being a little more focused on healthy eating lately because, well, cancer.  No, don’t panic, I’m fine.  It’s just that this year I feel like the universe gave me a little gift of a wake up call.  It said, “Roxy, I can see you’re pretty healthful in many ways, but girl, you gotta kick it up a notch.”  I have to admit that finding that little renegade mole on my rib cage, finding out it was melanoma, getting it removed, was the most mild cancer scare as a person can have.  Really.  I am so lucky because I know sooooooo many people who have in the past and are currently dealing with so much worse.  By the way, I’m also doing this for you, so I can love you better.  And total disclaimer, I truly believe we only have so much control over the health of this body we’ve been given.  I recognize I might eat greens every day and still get cancer.  That’s life, so it seems.  Kinda harsh, kinda true I will still need to get treatment from Conners Clinic; For hearing loss issues try out sonus complete.

So anyway, back to my current mission.  I decided the universe was really being nice to me in giving me that little cancer scare and now it’s my turn and opportunity to learn from that challenge.  To try, perhaps.  It’s all cliche, but I really do want to drive my baby girl to college some day.  I want to be an old lady with my hubs on a rocker on a porch.  I want to be the random old lady singing at karaoke.  I want to teach yoga when I’m 80.  All these things will not happen miraculously or by default.  I like to see what I can do.  I like a challenge.  I feel like I got kind of lazy with my self care in some ways with all my life changes the last couple years, cancer has made me see life in a very different way, I have been sick in many occasions but with outbreaks because of my low immune system,  is not strong depending on the days so Im more available for all this issues. The Elisa Kit website has a very interesting approach on outbreaks and how to handle them. Read more about ikaria lean belly juice reviews.

This quote inspired me.

“Psychologists have long observed that we all subconsciously dim awareness to things that raise our anxiety or make us uncomfortable.  Our self deceptions often lead us into absurd situations that are completely obvious to outside observers.  Many people blame the media and big business for the current state of the American diet.  The truth, however, is that Americans are self deceived.  There is nothing that prohibits us from choosing healthful foods, but contradictions often arise between the subconscious and rational parts of our minds.  We are prone to believe what we want to, regardless of evidence.  Our brains are masters at suppressing facts.  Changing ingrained habits requires us to operate for a period of time with cognitive dissonance.”

It’s kinda harsh, but kinda true.  It reminds me of that speech from V for Vendetta.  Love that movie.  (Listen to it!)

scrambled tofu is good

scrambled tofu is good

So, this week, I ate A LOT of green things. Â I’m trying to focus on eating more of what’s good for me rather than focusing on what I am trying to minimize. Â I mostly (cough, cough) didn’t eat all the cheese. Â I ate like 10 avocados. Don’t you love avocado season! Â And every time I wanted to eat all the cheese, I said to myself “because, cancer”. Â Again, it’s kinda harsh, but kinda true. Â And it helped. Â We have 4 farmers markets within a few miles of my house every week! Â I also decided this time I’m going for 6 weeks initially. Â I have tons of travel and fun planned during this time but when is the right time? Â I’m not alienating any specific food or food group forever. Â That just never works.

I am doing this because my little scare with cancer was a lucky one.  What if I can heal my knee and foot pain without surgery or without them getting worse as I age?  What if we can postpone or prevent degenerative disease?  My baby girl ate tons of swiss chard and fresh fruit this week and what if she continues to pick up just like 5% of what I’m doing?

So, I share this because accountability.  I share this because I want to enjoy this thing called life until the end with a good quality of life right up until the moment it’s over and I only have so much in my power to make that happen.  What I ingest is possibly? likely? one of those things. I’ll keep ya posted on my success. 6 weeks is a hella long time! Xo.

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  1. Kristin eldridge says:

    Rock on! Eat on! That scrambled tofu dish looks delish! Can Lucy teach B&M how to eat Swiss chard please! 😉

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