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Originally from Downriver Detroit, Michigan, I, like many, have found that everything happens for a reason and have taken a curvy path to where I am today. After surviving Detroit I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and worked a short stint as a computer programmer for the insurance industry before I realized that was not me.  I enjoyed a mid-20s crisis and packed my bags for the left coast in search of meaning and inspiration.  It was love at first sight when I started working at MINDBODY in 2005, a wellness software company, that combined my life love’s of technology and wellness.  I applied for a part-time admin position and ended up getting hired as the first Customer Service Manager and haven’t looked back since.  In 2006, I co-created MINDBODY University, a program that helps wellness businesses focus on KPIs, Optimizing Revenue, and Best Business Practices.  From 2011-2016, I bought, ran, and sold a yoga studio baby Smiling Dog Yoga which challenged me inside out and allowed me to understand running a business from the inside.  I also consulted with hundreds of businesses while running my yoga studio.  Most recently, from 2016-2018, I served as MINDBODY’s Director of Business Education and launched our Business Consultant Program to help even more businesses than I could serve alone.  I am currently focusing my energies on what I’m uniquely excellent at:  teaching, public speaking, and sharing my experience to help people become healthier and happier.  I do this through my Consulting business, working with MINDBODY, and teaching yoga and yoga fitness hybrid classes. A spreadsheet lover and self-proclaimed techie wannabe, I LOVE teaching and connecting with people, problem solving, technology, supporting my community with yoga, and helping wellness and beauty entrepreneurs reach their true potential.

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