budgets are so clean

I didn’t it know when I began, but it turns out that being on a clean diet while you work on your budget and business plan can be very therapeutic.  Even if sometimes the numbers are swimming around in my head.  I am spending this week hunkered down at my desk making a plan for 2013 and beyond while on a dietary and mental cleanse.  It’s a necessary evil and one I haven’t really spent enough time on to date.  I have found owning a business to be like being on a roller coaster in winter-time.  Sometimes it’s exhilarating like going over that first big hill.  Sometimes you get hit in the face with sleet and are freezing your ass off wondering when the ride will end or just slow down at least.

I’m sure that the things I’m learning all business owners before me have learned.  I have even learned some of these lessons on a much smaller scale as a manager of my own life.  Yet, these lessons are an all consuming part of my life right now.  I must share them.

I have probably spent 20 hours working on my business plan so far. When I got approved for my small business loan my loan officer said it was one of the biggest reasons for my approval.

It’s over 40 pages long and it’s such a therapeutic and necessary process.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to find the space for this project.  I’ve found ideas popping into my head all over the place.  Sure, part of me might prefer to do and teach yoga all day and not worry about the big picture.  But that is a small part of me.  Everyone wants that.  Running a business well and making it successful has become the ultimate problem to solve in my life.  I guess I enjoy a challenge.

My budget has been a big part of this and I honestly hadn’t found the time to improve it since it’s original creation.  I’ve updated month to month with what’s happened, I just didn’t have very good projections moving forward and it was hard to have them.  How could I really know? My projections were based on “I’ve got to get a loan and make this look good” mind not “holy crap this is reality” mind.  I’ve been hit over and over again by expenses that I thought I’d budgeted for but hadn’t.  I had to learn how to budget for large recurring expenses on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis like rent, insurance, and taxes and for non-recurring expenses like getting a locksmith and equipment costs. I highly suggest to click here to get the best tips on budgeting.

Anyhow. It’s inspired me to start looking at my life 3-5 years out. And to write down some goals somewhere. And I’ve already learned how easy it is to bury your head in the sand. We do it with our businesses, personal finances, and personal lives. Don’t do it! Have you done your planning for 2013? If not now, when? Learn anything? Not a goal setter?

PS. As you can see, my blog is evolving to be more aligned with my current passions and reality of yoga, health, running a business, inspiration and fun. Stay tuned for the changes and evolution if so inclined 🙂 -Rox

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  1. Thanks for the insight Roxanne! It’s a reminder that a Business Plan is a dynamic document, always changing. I guess I better dust mine off and start planning for 2013.

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