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Is it already that time of year again? My how time flies when you’re having fun. Actually, you don’t even need to be having fun, it just marches on and on either way. We are all on the accelerating time … Continue reading

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keepin it real

I really enjoy self-deprecating humor. I love that the interweb allows us to share such awesomeness.  The following is something that’ll make you smile (I hope).  Here are some lyrics from this work of art to inspire you. This Busters … Continue reading

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ahhh vacation

After a week in London I am off to Dublin to begin my vacation exploring Ireland by bike.  My travel yoga practice in London consisted of a few sun salutes and meditation a couple mornings, a whole lot of walking, … Continue reading

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All I have to say is whew right now. I’m at JFK airport waiting to board to LAX, on my way to yoga teacher training, the final 100 hours to complete my 200 hour certification.  Just finished another event on … Continue reading

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i don’t like to sweat…

“I don’t like to sweat because my tan will run.” “I just peed on myself.” “I want to do Hot Yoga. I want to lose 10 pounds today because I have dinner at the Applebees tonight and I need to … Continue reading

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