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Because, Cancer

I have recently started being a little more focused on healthy eating lately because, well, cancer.  No, don’t panic, I’m fine.  It’s just that this year I feel like the universe gave me a little gift of a wake up … Continue reading

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it all begins on the mat

Riding the wave of change the last few weeks I have felt on the verge of crying and cheering all at the same time. Yes, I’m still riding that wave. Buying a yoga studio was getting in the way of … Continue reading

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Weight Loss and Grief

Some yogic thoughts from Yoga Journal on loss and grief as I deal with a little taste of them myself this week. Life is suffering, the Buddha says, and even if you’re not given to abstractions it’s easy to see … Continue reading

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Cure a Broken Heart

If you ever feel a little broken-hearted or down in the dumps, yoga is your cure just waiting to be unleashed. I am sharing this from Yoga Rants and Raves, a nifty little yoga blog, but I am adding my … Continue reading

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coming back at you

I’m alive, I’m alive! I’m living and loving and back in action in my roxtar world. Life has kept me busy, and I am happy to report that when life deals you chaos, you can survive with the hint of … Continue reading

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where are the vampires when you need em

I know in my logical right brain that we will all eventually die, but is it ever easy to accept it when it’s those closest to you? Or those you least expect?  Is there ever a good time or a … Continue reading

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