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Contraction Versus Expansion

How do you deal when life starts contracting on you?  I’m talking about the times when you’re injured, going through a break up of some kind, or when you stop growing / engaging as much in a way that you … Continue reading

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I’m having a yoga baby!

I’m in the no sleep phase of the pregnancy.  I get heartburn via e-mail at least twice a day.  I’m feeling emotional and have a breakdown once a week wondering, “why am I doing this, I’m not ready!”.  The nursery … Continue reading

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Away with the Grumpies

I just finished up a tele-class with Sheevs (my affectionate nick-name for the lovely teacher, Shiva Rea) which shook the mac ‘n cheese gook right out of my pores. You’ve gotta love technology! We were able to chant om together, … Continue reading

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Yoga Campers Unite!

I am speed blogging from the MINDBODY booth at the Yoga Journal in Estes Park, Colorado while everyone is in classes. I arrived in the glorious Rocky Mountains Wednesday night after the Big Burrito Fiasco at Phoenix Airport. The Fiasco … Continue reading

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Fluid Power Immersion

The first five days of my recent teacher training focused on Fluid Power Vinyasa Yoga. Fluid Power is considered wave motion within yoga. “Wave motion is the underlying movement of all creation – an understanding shared by Quantum Physics and … Continue reading

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it’s business time

I have been in a spinning vortex of awesome female energy, yogi stoned out bliss, and sweaty goodness at a Fluid Power Vinyasa Yoga Training with one of my favorite teachers, Shiva Rea, at her home studio in Venice Beach, … Continue reading

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have mac, will travel

I’m getting ready to head to San Francisco tomorrow afternoon for the 7th Annual SF  Yoga Journal Conference. I will be presenting Online Marketing at the Business of Yoga part of the conference on behalf of MINDBODY, taking a few … Continue reading

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pride and not-so-prejudice

Prideful. When I looked up the definition of the word I got the following definition: Having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; “some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines”; … Continue reading

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