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40 Things by 40th Birthday

    I have a big birthday looming on my horizon and I’m feeling all the feels over it.  I am analyzing my life from every angle, smiling a lot, working hard, and planning all kinds of fun to ring … Continue reading

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This week in yoga land…

More like, the last two months in yoga land have been busy, exhausting, and growth inducing, per usual. Anyone else feel ready for some down time? I’m preparing for my semi-annual cleansing phase where I reset, eat well, give up … Continue reading

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Today’s Special Is Humble Pie

I just finished teaching my first yoga class to the inmates at the women’s jail in SLO county. Are they really called inmates, I wonder? I feel so humbled and blessed! How did I even find this life changing practice … Continue reading

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Is it already that time of year again? My how time flies when you’re having fun. Actually, you don’t even need to be having fun, it just marches on and on either way. We are all on the accelerating time … Continue reading

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money, sex, or power

“All who are to become teachers will be tested in three areas: money, sex, or power – possibly in all of them.” said Yogi Bhajan according to the book Kundalini Yoga, The Flow of Eternal Power. Isn’t everyone challenged in … Continue reading

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keepin it real

I really enjoy self-deprecating humor. I love that the interweb allows us to share such awesomeness.  The following is something that’ll make you smile (I hope).  Here are some lyrics from this work of art to inspire you. This Busters … Continue reading

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Away with the Grumpies

I just finished up a tele-class with Sheevs (my affectionate nick-name for the lovely teacher, Shiva Rea) which shook the mac ‘n cheese gook right out of my pores. You’ve gotta love technology! We were able to chant om together, … Continue reading

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kick your own arse

I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary.  ~Betsy Cañas Garmon Ha!  I love it!  I found this website with some fun little inspirational yoga tidbits. I participated in yet another … Continue reading

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what would shiva do?

As I sit in LAX sick with yet another cold I am feeling a little less patient than usual. I wondered to myself, what would shiva do? What would she do if she was sick, stuck in an airport? I … Continue reading

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a girl from south detroit

Today I was given an article, Requiem for Detroit, from Rolling Stone Magazine.  It asks, “Does the decline of the auto industry mean the end of Detroit?”  It made me feel sad for the city I grew up in that I … Continue reading

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