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Change Is In The Air, Always!

As you may or may not have heard, I am in the process of a personal change with my work life at MINDBODY, transitioning away from full-time Director of Business Education to part-time Contractor effective 5/25. I’ve had some recent … Continue reading

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Contraction Versus Expansion

How do you deal when life starts contracting on you?  I’m talking about the times when you’re injured, going through a break up of some kind, or when you stop growing / engaging as much in a way that you … Continue reading

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5 Things I Will Do Differently With My Next Wellness Business

Part I: Story of a Reluctant Entrepreneur I remember sitting at my friend Lahna’s kitchen table working on math problems in 2005 thinking, “I’d much rather be working in a yoga studio right now, but yeah right, that’s not a job”. … Continue reading

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Start With Why

I believe so deep in my soul that all we need is to slow the fuck down, breath, learn to relax and meditate in some form, and All Else will follow.  Yoga, wellness, The Power of Now, and The Power … Continue reading

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Yoga Studio Announcement!

This week I sold my yoga studio baby after owning and operating it for 5+ years! I am super excited to announce that effective immediately my good friends and colleagues, Stephanie Jennings and Andres Moran, are taking over as the … Continue reading

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budgets are so clean

What is a Digital Workplace? A digital workplace is an always-connected environment that provides instant access to everything employees need to get their tasks done. It’s an understanding that work is now a location-agnostic event that can happen at any … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Lessons In Owning a Business So Far…

It’s been 9 full months since I took over as owner of Smiling Dog Yoga, the sweetest little yoga space in SLO town. I don’t write much about what it’s really like to run the studio from my perspective of … Continue reading

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