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Teaching Update

This week is my last week teaching a weekly class at Smiling Dog for a while! I am taking a self care break and will be subbing when I can.  I will keep my schedule up to date on this … Continue reading

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A *Bhujapidasana Class

What the heck is that word, bhujapidasana, you might be wondering? It means “shoulder pressing pose”. I taught a class focused on it this week from a sequence I got from Shiva Rea (surprise, surprise) back in 2009. I was … Continue reading

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Why 108

Tomorrow is the summer solstice. When I worked as an office dweller I often let these days drift on by and I noticed how seasons would come and go without much ado. Now that it’s my job to share yoga, … Continue reading

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does yoga have to be spiritual?

This is “the” question that always comes up in the yoga community, and I’ve been pondering it lately. To answer the question first I feel like I must look at what yoga really is. I looked up the definition online … Continue reading

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Hello from yoga camp!

I’m thankful that the universe is allowing me to stick with my commitment to continuously grow while at my second yoga training with Shiva Rea this year, Fluid Power! Based on her teachings and sequences from her DVD Fluid Power … Continue reading

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notes from jail yoga

“I don’t even remember leaving the bar,” one guy said to his cell phone as I approached the jail this morning. Another guy was pretty sure he was arrested for a DUI the night before, but not 100% sure. They … Continue reading

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my first yoga video!

The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived!  You can take class with me from home!  Ok, maybe it’s a day I’ve been waiting for. Before you watch my little yoga video please make note of the following disclaimers: It’s … Continue reading

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Today’s Special Is Humble Pie

I just finished teaching my first yoga class to the inmates at the women’s jail in SLO county. Are they really called inmates, I wonder? I feel so humbled and blessed! How did I even find this life changing practice … Continue reading

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Sometimes Less is More

This was a week of opportunities. Some of them fully enjoyed, some of them only lightly embraced. I subbed a few yoga classes this weekend that weren’t my typical forte. The classes were titled Sweet Vinyasa, instead of my usual … Continue reading

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Get Hip about Flexors

As a desk-dwelling, laptop-loving, cycling extraordinaire I have found my hips to be about as tight as the next person. So many of our forward moving and seated activities can wreak havoc on the body and tighten the hip flexors … Continue reading

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