Chaturanga (the yoga pose that’s a variation of a push-up that is the bane of a many yogis existence) is such an interesting phenomena. When you’re first learning it, it kicks your ass. When you’ve been practicing it for a while, it kicks your ass. Does it ever get easy? Not really. Sometimes you forget that you’re doing it, but it never gets easy that’s for sure.

I am doing an “ayurvedic cleanse” right now. It’s kind of like chaturanga. No, I’m not fasting, or drinking only lemonade, but I am eating lots of freaking apples and various other, earthy foods. It’s cleaning out my body and cleaning out my mind a little for fall. Lets hope this helps me avoid the flu!

I have little things coming up so far…

It’s interesting how the general public interpret the idea of cleansing and detoxification and diet in general. Their are so many phobias, opinions, and assumptions that arise with such simple words. Reminds me of how many people think yoga = god which must compete with spirituality in general. So much is up to interpretation, isn’t it?
Why isn’t the prep work I’ve been doing for this cleanse more of a typical routine? I’ve been reminded that I can take care of myself with healthful food that isn’t boring or crappy if I take a little time. What am I doing instead of taking good care of myself most days? Working too hard? Keeping too busy?
I’m enjoying the creativity in cooking.
Fresh herbs make everything better.
The simplicity of my shopping trip to New Frontiers, SLO’s version of Whole Foods. Whole grains, veggies, and fruits aren’t that expensive, it must be all the hummus and cheese I’m usually buying that makes my grocery bill twice what it was this week.
Mmm quinoa. And avocados.
Not enjoying the baby headaches I’ve had at the end of the last two days though.

We’ll see how this goes.

I really like Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy DVD, I think I’ve said that before, but it’s the first yoga DVD I’ve actually done more than once. It’s broken into 20-minute segments which you can do alone or together, with a short core and forward bending option. Nice little doable morsels of joy. The segments are all vinyasa flow yoga, fun and totally accessible to beginners and seasoned yogis alike. They are elementally named so you can pick the type of practice you’re in the mood for. Fire = challenging, water = flowy combo of standing and floor poses, and earth = more grounding and traditional poses. They’re all great practices too. This week I’m practicing and teaching the fire + water practice.

Sleepy time…

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  1. “Why isn’t the prep work I’ve been doing for this cleanse more of a typical routine?” Yep, that’s the conclusion I’m coming to lately. Doing food prep work is crucial to healthy eating. Without the prep work it’s so easy to fall into bad habits.

  2. SteveM says:

    if u r in caffine withdrawl (headaches), then you can either wait it out or have some “hair of the dog”, etc..

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