Crowd Accelerated Innovation

I just watched a pretty inspiring video on If you’ve never checked it out, you should. The CEO of MINDBODY told me that months ago, and finally today, I watched one that inspired me inside and out. It’s a video on the idea of Crowd Accelerated Innovation. “What does that mean?” you’re probably thinking. I was intrigued immediately by the talk as I’ve often wondered about the true potential of people in large numbers. There are just so many examples of companies, groups, governments going astray, it sometimes seems like the negative aspects of group dynamics are what really get amplified. I know that’s not 100% true, but sometimes it feels that way.

The following talk is on the power of the internet and video to launch the biggest learning cycle in human history. Video is a very efficient way to relate information, it’s how we learn as humans. Reading and writing are relatively recent ways to relate information to each other. The magic of non-verbal cues, body language, being able to interact with and read a crowd that most people could never dream of reaching. Global face-to-face communication. As a bone fide teacher and lifelong learner, I often wonder what are the best ways to share information? How do you get something to click with someone that can change their lives? How do you best learn? How can we use the internet to grow and learn, become a better person, change the world around us, rather than just to surf Facebook and watch Netflix? What have you found in online video that has really knocked your socks off? (Please don’t tell me if it’s x-rated.)

The yoga, dance, and wellness communities have definitely embraced sharing via video, although I admit I haven’t found anything that has clicked with me yet. I am a lover of a few DVD’s though and have found them to be a great learning tool. A quick online search shows a bunch of options though:,,,, I guess it’s time to branch out.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Great video! I love the hopeful excitement it gave me for the future! : )

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