dealing with loss

I just learned that a yogi friend, Kelvin, unexpectedly passed away recenty while vacationing in Hawaii with his family. He was a dedicated Bikram Yoga practitioner, I spent many sweaty hours with Kelvin on the mat at Bikram Yoga SLO. He was inspiring to practice next to, strong, focused, and steady. He befriended me one day as I was wearing a Michigan State sweatshirt and he also grew up in Michigan. He kept me abreast of Michigan sports, and in particular we had many important yogi conversations regarding the Detroit Pistons NBA basketball team beating the LA Lakers.

I won’t pretend I knew him more than that. Yet, no matter how little I know people, I always get saddened by death. I know that we will all die, that our bodies will return to the earth as they should. I feel blessed to have been touched by Kelvin, and many others who’ve left this earth, even if just for 5 minutes in the scheme of life. Is this another form of attachment, my sadness? It seems to me that being saddened and mourning the loss of someone leaving the world as I know it is a normal and healthy part of being human. In death I feel like I easily notice someone’s inner most goddess nature immediately. Maybe we would all benefit from trying to notice that without death prompting us. I feel like the love and good karma we put into the world lasts so much longer than our lives do. Kelvin’s tiny conversations, smile, sweaty dreadlocks, and presence in the background of my yoga practice, they left their positive mark on me. I am reminded today just how short this life can be. None of us has a guarantee for tomorrow. Yet, somehow we live on in what we gave even though the losses will always be there.

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