Eating Like a Caveman

After three weeks of eating Paleo style, guest blogger Jesse is back to talk about his experience in eating lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, meats, wine and not eating bread, beans, rice, ice cream, beer, and whiskey.

– No thanks.
– I’ll pass.
Coffee cake?
– I wish.
What the heck is wrong with you?
– I’m trying out this diet where I can’t eat gluten, grains, legumes, or dairy.
Why? You’re not overweight. In fact you could probably gain a few pounds.
– To improve my health and….yada yada….

Flash back to the weekend before last. I’m at a guy friendly baby shower. The first thing I spot when entering the building is an ARKEG and I’m offered a beer. An ARKEG is an old school arcade video game that doubles as a kegerator. This tests my will power but luckily there’s wine so I’m happy. On the buffet table are sandwiches, cheese, coffee cake, a meat platter, and a bowl of fruit. Well, meat and fruit is is. When it comes time for the fun baby shower games I am handed a sippy cup fully of beer with instructions to chug. The prize for finishing first is a $25 gift certificate to Best Buy. I politely decline and explain I’m not drinking beer these days. Nope, not good enough, “Just hold it for the photo” I’m told. “Uh, OK,” I mutter, and there I am, holding a sippy cup of beer, smiling awkardly, while 9 other people around me chug.

Flash back to last weekend. It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we’re headed to an anti-super bowl party for food, drinks, and music. My fiancee, Meghan, who is joining me in this paleo adventure, is determined to not go hungry and goes on a cooking spree mid-day. We bring meat balls in coconut milk sauce, cucumbers covered with chopped almonds, guacamole, carrot sticks, habanero stuffed olives, and supplies for margaritas. Success! We don’t go hungry. The popcorn, tortilla chips, bean dip, and cheese on on the table don’t temp me anymore.

In short, paleo is doable.  But you must plan.  And you will likely miss beer.  Especially when there’s an ARKEG.  We have both lost a little weight, are easily satisfied by the food, and are feeling strong and healthy on the bike and in life.  The jury is still out as to whether this will be a long term change and whether the benefits are sustainable and large enough to warrant no beer.

Meghan says, “the diet is doable, and I have found out that I really don’t need to eat as much as I had been eating. When you eat more protein, you feel more full and don’t need to snack, in fact, I don’t even think about as much! (unless I am walking through the freezer section with all those yummy pizzas in the grocery store.) The recipe’s need to be changed a bit because I do not eat or like red meat. I was a little worried about getting enough protein because I also could not eat any beans. However, I made sure to eat a lot of ground turkey meat – and now I’m sick of it! You do need to be creative with the recipes so that you are not tired of the food. With that being said, I have lost the weight that I had wanted to! I wanted to get down to 125, and three weeks into the diet (today) I am at 125.8 pounds. Will I gain this back when I start eating cheese and drinking beer? Yes, probably – but at least I will be just a little bit happier! What I am really getting out of this experience is that I know I have the will and the discipline to stick to a healthier diet if it is needed. Next time I need to lose 10 pounds in three weeks, I can do it without starving myself, and getting all red-headed aggro! Oh, and it helps that I had a partner in crime!”

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