Emperor’s Got New Clothes

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What do you think of my new outfit? It was time for some new digs. I’ve gone from colorful, but lacking in necessary functionality and flexibility to a simpler, yet more personal coat. I’m talking about the changes to this lovely website you have taken the time to read (thank you!). This was done from the couch while I’ve been suffering from a viscous little cold. What do you think? Suggestions?  If you have breasts and you’re lucky to live long enough, at some point they’re going to sag. Hey, maybe they’ve even been droopy since your teens when they first grew – not everyone is blessed with a perky pair to begin with. Whenever it happens, breast sagging is simply a fact of life, but does that mean that you have to put up with it? In this article we discuss what causes sagging breasts, how to prevent and how to get firm breast in 2 weeks

On the yoga front, I am thinking about heading to LA this weekend to participate in a yoga workshop on healing sadhana practices during the winter season and the upcoming winter solstice 12/21. This is the time of year to focus on warm, substantial foods, such as avocados, nuts, root vegetables, soups, and stews. It is time to eat more protein and fat than we would in spring or summer to nourish our tissues and prevent colds. Click here for more info on the workshop.

I am also teaching Mandala Namaskar from Shiva Rea’s Fluid Power DVD, one of my most favorite sequences of all time. It’ll work the congestion right outta your head.

The winter solstice is one of the oldest and most potent rituals of renewal. As the northern hemisphere of the earth reaches its darkest point of the year, the winter solstice is the turning point of increasing light from December 21 on. It is the sacred juncture within yoga and the Tantric Body that mirrors the drawing of the light and in-breath into the lotus of the heart – a linking of the individual and cosmic flow. This is further heightened by the alignment of the nurturing soma or inner nectar of the full moon.

For many world cultures, the solstice is the true New Year: it is the ritual marker to letting go, honoring and bringing closure to the past year while igniting our deepest visions and intentions for the coming year as the light is emerging. Our bodies as nature are intimately connected with this macro solar rhythm, giving us a powerful opportunity to align and be in harmony with the greater flow. While the outer world moves in a holiday flurry, this is a wonderful time of year to focus on yoga practice, meditation, and visualize your intentions for the new year.

May you thrive this holiday season! I encourage you to make a little gratitude list, even if you just take a moment to think about it now and don’t put it in writing. I have so much to be grateful for every single day: my health, even if it wavers at times, I am able to ride my bike, practice vinyasa yoga, and dance my heart out 90% of the time, my friends and family for being who they are and letting me be who I am, my teachers, yoga, work, my bicycles, my new love, kale, SLO, my kitty Bruce, sunshine, clouds, Detroit, and Elvis, of course, Elvis.

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    Love the new digs! Ha ha, that was so cute to include the song! Fun!

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