Fluid Power Immersion

The first five days of my recent teacher training focused on Fluid Power Vinyasa Yoga. Fluid Power is considered wave motion within yoga. “Wave motion is the underlying movement of all creation – an understanding shared by Quantum Physics and the ancient wisdom of yoga which discovered thousands of years ago the pulsating quantum wave known as spanda or spanda shakti. Fluid Power practices explore the wave movement that is the reality of our fluid, quantum body for your circulation, longevity, creative renewal and amphibious longings.” Our bodies are 70% water right? As is the earth.

This was by far my favorite yoga training to date. I just love the yoga sequences we focused on, they are challenging, creative, and fun. Check out the Fluid Power DVD by Shiva Rea if you’re interested. Below are some of my thoughts, rants, and brain dumps from the immersion. Continue reading at your own risk.

My thoughts after this Fluid Power Wave…Don’t combine “work” with a yoga training or vacation. I made the mistake of trying this and my heart just wasn’t in it. Be honest, let work and your normal life know what to expect, and tie up your loose ends so you can enjoy the freedom. I loved morning yoga practice so much! Leading up to this training I practiced at least 10 minutes a day for a month, but something about doing it first thing in the morning felt even better than practicing a little every day. Since returning from yoga camp I have been trying to keep it alive. I’ve been hitting the hay by 10ish and getting up at 6ish to give myself time to meditate and practice before work. I really love it so far and have full intention of making this a more permanent part of my routine. The hardest part is going to bed by 10pm, but I swear if you do, it’s totally worth it, you wake up feeling good and get to enjoy time to yourself before giving your energy to the world. I have been telling my friends that I’m sleeping like a grandma now so they fully understand why I can’t be social after 9pm. Ok, so maybe on the weekends I give myself a little more freedom to sleep in.

My “pre-training-training” really helped me prepare appropriately for this experience. For 30 days I practiced yoga every day for 10 minutes and tried to practice for an hour every other day. The seven days leading up to the training I tried to take a class from another teacher or at a studio every day. Oh and kick my ass they did. I felt pretty tired at moments, but overall so much better than I had ever felt at a yoga training. It’s pretty amazing what healthfulness we are capable of if we just shut up and do it already.

We got the daily schedule for the 10 days, and it didn’t look too bad.

7-9am Opening Session
9-10:45am Shiva Public Class, aka “the real estate battle”
12:15-4pm Theory & Practice
4-6pm Teaching Lab
7:30-9:15pm Quantum Movie Night/Special Events

Most days had this rough schedule, we had one evening completely off. The evening activities and theory discussed varied each day. We usually practiced yoga during the 7am session, which I loved. As we got started at 7am that first day someone’s cell phone started ringing. It was totally loud and disruptive like only cell phone’s can be. Shiva said, “We all know our cell phone baby. It’s ok if it’s yours. Go ahead and get it. No really it’s ok, go ahead.” She compared hearing the ring on your cell phone to hearing your baby cry in a grocery store. We all know when it’s our baby.

Shiva then went on to explain how this training was not about pretenses, everyone has a moment where they need to take care of business, just try not to let that get into the way of our reason for being at the training. Don’t let it be an excuse to be lazy. What?!?!? An educational and shared study space where the rules are slightly flexible? Lightness when life happens? You mean I don’t have to be deprived of sleep, reality, sanity, food to participate in this? Where did I get the idea that something doesn’t count if it doesn’t cause pain? She really created and offered a space for a healthy challenge and learning. I always think the words, but to live them is another thing. She called it energy management. I’m not saying I don’t like a challenge or that my yoga practice or classes need to be wimpy. I just don’t want to be walking around causing myself more pain in the long term, through injuries, unconsciousness, lack of integrity and wholeness.

Some Shiva-isms I loved…”Pinch me if I ever get that corny…Movement isn’t just fun, it’s consciousness.”

Dedications, feelings, thoughts about the ten days at the beginning. I dedicated my training to my old self, Detroit, my family, my grandmas, my past and future students.

I really enjoyed practice teaching. She reminded us to keep in tune with our own sacred call, rhythm, breathe. Next, just say where the body part needs to go in space. “Inhale arms to the sky.” Finally, adding assists if appropriate. She mentioned that we can only measure brain activity when keeping still, wouldn’t it be amazing to see it while we do yoga? Hmmmm something to ponder. Another thing to ponder…Children being canaries in the coal mine, obesity, discontent, suicide?

During practice teaching you teach a small sequence of postures you may or may not know to a fellow trainee. I love that it brings me face to face with what I don’t know so quickly. Instead of making small mistakes while teaching a live class, you make them all right away when on the spot like this, and get the feedback immediately. Love it.

Shiva Brain Dump Tidbits…
Inhale offer hands forward
Exhale hands open to sides w/ om
How does your body respond to gravity
How can you get extension within that realm
Straight arms but not rigid
From flexibility to stability
Suhaja bhujangasana = dynamic plank…it has a name!
The battle for yoga mat real estate in LA
Serve tea to any kind of stress in your body
Gather the energy to move to the other side of your mat
Table top to dandasana, i likey
Unless you got a note from your mamma, you can do this pose
Now how low can you go, but how deep can you get
Inversion time is self-practice time
Breathe is birth
I want to read more about krama yoga sequencing
Breathe and sound are identical energetically
One inhale is like the 12 hours of night time
I really enjoyed chanting
Change should always happen for a reason. It gives the cells hope. The body holds fear, we want to ease it.
Try and find the difference between compression and opening. Sinking and lifting.
Kamakaze chaturangas
Iyengar’s Brilliant Prop World

Brain dump from Chris Tompkins lectures on (tantra) yoga.
We’re ok with trees dying, waves receding, but we’re uncomfortable with our own contraction
Be careful not to blame your life situations on a feeling you have or are creating
Whenever we find ourselves in a situation thinking “this should not be happening” you should try working with whatever is there. Can’t want to feel “contracted” or “expanded”.
Feeling love for someone is your own love that is being awakened. Beautiful triggers perhaps. Maybe for one wave: day, month, year, lifetime.
I found it interesting that only half the class felt enormous expansion (joy, happiness) after an unexpected contraction (suffering, pain). Hmm. (Like feeling like you learned or grew from the unexpected loss of a loved one).
Tantra believes we should have a better relationship with the Chitta Vrittis (mind chatter) rather than the idea of having “no-mind”.
Spanda is mantra. It means pulsation, but actually refers to the point between a contraction and expansion, inhale and exhale. This is the point of awakening.
Knots come from holding on to our life situations.
The mind is like a child. Sometimes you have to ignore it.
When you get “high” don’t make the mistake of giving the object credit. Or else everyone would get high when with that person who made you high, in that situation, it’s within you.

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6 Responses to Fluid Power Immersion

  1. admin says:

    Leia, It was great hanging with you during training! I look forward to the next time our paths cross, foraging for food and the grassy knoll my lovely yogi friend 🙂

    Kris, Sometimes thoughts come out in dump form don’t they, and one cannot be expected to analyze and understand them fully! Your Benny is just precious. I swear a sleeping baby on your chest, especially your own, it doesn’t get much better, does it?


  2. Kristin says:

    Loved reading your mind dump! Benny has me hostage on the couch, asleep on my chest. It forces me to just be with him. It’s precious.

  3. I love this small world! 🙂 I typed in “parsva vasistasana” into Google and found the lovely Roxy, a member of the “tribe”! Loved your blog, hope to see you at another Shiva training soon.

  4. admin says:

    Nice work hitting child’s pose and sticking to releasing the “dark and twisty”. It’s not easy, that’s certain, but the benefits will come, slowly but surely. – Rox

  5. Amy says:

    Thank you for this… I have started practicing regularly again and these comments and tidbits of info really spoke to me today. I felt a huge change happen during my class this morning. Not only was I stronger physically but I was able to allow my mind to be quiet and I started touching things that are not physical in origin… The vibration was so strong I almost vomited but I did not stop and hit child’s pose like usual. Instead of the physical pain tempting me to back off, the release of the “dark and twisty” stuff made me keep going–

  6. SteveM says:

    Where did I get the idea that something doesn’t count if it doesn’t cause pain? ..

    .. maybe “What does not destroy me, makes
    me stronger.” from Friedrich Nietzsche, “The twilight of the Idols.”

    other fun Nietzsche Quotes:

    “When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

    “Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.”

    “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”


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