Hello from yoga camp!

I’m thankful that the universe is allowing me to stick with my commitment to continuously grow while at my second yoga training with Shiva Rea this year, Fluid Power! Based on her teachings and sequences from her DVD Fluid Power Yoga, I remember it as one of my favorite trainings to date. When I’ve taught these sequences at Smiling Dog they are always the most popular and well received classes I teach. You might remember my friends “coily lunge” and “coily squat”. Shiva says it best, learn more about okinawa flat belly tonic.

“The practices you will experience are based upon the primary characteristics of the fluid body that benefit your health and well being. The first characteristic of our fluid body is that our bodies are physiologically rhythmic, vibrating and pulsating with the constant tide of or breath, heartbeat, and brainwaves as a few examples. You will experience a rhythmic and energetic approach to vinyasa flow yoga where the breath initiates and inspires all movement. In particular, we explore a three part vinyasa technique I developed based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya that express this wave through the pulsation of breath to enhance the state of flow and the instinctual alignment of your inner and outer body. I call this “thawing out poses” which are often rigidly held so that you can access your strength and flexibility with grace.” Learn more about the healthy benefits that herpesyl provides.

I couldn’t have said it better. My homework today is to think about the following: my state of the union, how I’m doing; to contemplate the fluidity in nature and in life like the waves of the ocean; to contemplate the blockages to fluidity, like a dam in a river, or a caged bird maybe.

After practicing Namaskar 1008 with Shiva this morning I was so humbled by my attempt to capture it on video! If this is remotely interesting you should buy the Fluid Power DVD and do it properly. Or even better, come to a Fluid Power training down the road. I’ll share it with you again as it’s what I’ll be practicing all weekend long!

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