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As a desk-dwelling, laptop-loving, cycling extraordinaire I have found my hips to be about as tight as the next person. So many of our forward moving and seated activities can wreak havoc on the body and tighten the hip flexors in particular. Even if you don’t know exactly where these muscles are, I bet you know if yours are tight. Otherwise you might be sitting in the splits right now reading this wonderful blog.

Imagine keeping your elbow bent all day, every day, you eventually lose any flexibility you might have once had. “With the best intentions, yoga students sometimes create a muscle imbalance between the hamstrings and the hip flexors that contributes to an anterior (forward) pelvic tilt. Most yoga practitioners work long and hard to improve their hamstring flexibility but spend much less time stretching their hip flexors.” says Yoga Journal. This can lead to back pain. Tight hips. Feeling jealous of your neighbor with flexy hips in yoga class. No one wants that.

Here are a couple articles from Yoga Journal I liked on the subject, Get Hip and Get Hip to Your Flexors.

I will be teaching a Get Hip about Your Flexors vinyasa style class tomorrow. It’s a great little sequence. Just do it.

Get Hip About Your Flexors Roxy-Style

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  1. admin says:

    Erin, So glad you enjoyed the Open House! Thanks for attending and for your support 🙂 – Rox

  2. Erin says:

    fabulous class–my hips are feeling delicious today after this and all the other lovely things at the Dog yesterday!

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