Is it already that time of year again? My how time flies when you’re having fun. Actually, you don’t even need to be having fun, it just marches on and on either way. We are all on the accelerating time train.  Grab your bags, it’s not that long of a trip!

Some things to ponder before the holiday parties take over: What are you grateful for in your life? How do you express your gratitude and ensure you are paying it forward? How can you make your holidays a little more about that which is really important, and less about shopping and over-committing in our lives?

My top 5 grateful list today:

  • Amazing food. The fact that I usually get to eat whatever tasty food I’m in the mood for, whenever I want it.  I’m serious.  I’m on day 9 of a 14 day cleanse of eating vegan & eating only kitcheree.  Cheese almost brings tears to my eyes at this point.  How many people have such plentiful choices of what they eat?
  • SLO. I get to live in this great place with such great people.  How did I find this little slice of paradise?  How did I get so blessed to be surrounded by such great people?  So thankful for all of you!
  • My mom. She taught me how to work hard, amongst many other things, but right now, the ability and desire to work hard strikes me as special.
  • Yoga. Like you didn’t see that coming.  I’m so thankful I found yoga.  It has taught me how to live a better life and for that I’ll be forever grateful.
  • Smiling Dog. Mindbody.  Grad school. Undergrad. Rouge.  All those life experiences that have taught me so much.  It’s true that sometimes we need struggle to really learn.  I am thankful that my struggles have made me who I am.

And about the cleanse.  Luckily, I am past the crazy, “I just want to lick that pumpkin pie”, phase. This is my 3rd time doing a cleanse like this, I try to do one every fall and spring.  No matter how strange and intense the experience is, I always feel grateful for it.  It’s so interesting to notice how attached to food we can be, my tendencies toward salty, heavy foods during stress, the little signs of unhealthiness that can go unnoticed.  Click here to read about my cleanse notes, books, resources.  xxxoxoxoxox.

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