I’m having a yoga baby!

I’m in the no sleep phase of the pregnancy.  I get heartburn via e-mail at least twice a day.  I’m feeling emotional and have a breakdown once a week wondering, “why am I doing this, I’m not ready!”.  The nursery is only halfway setup, there are papers and folders everywhere, and I’m due in a week!

Yes, it’s true!  My baby is named Smiling Dog Yoga.  The due date is next Friday.  I’ve been being cagey and shy about talking about it online, but I think it’s time I share this wonderful news with my world and document my feelings and thoughts.  I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be a bigger part of the yoga studio I’ve been teaching at for the last 3 years.  I will be taking over as owner of the studio 10/1/11 (what a nice number).  The transition through October will be a little slow as I honor commitments with MINDBODY. Those photos are of me in the studio.

What does this mean?  I will be leaving my awesome travel, desk, teaching, software job and will be trying my best to make the studio a place people want to be part of, practice yoga at, shop at, eat at, feel the love at.  Yoga has changed my life for the better and it is my hope to share that with others.  I have to make it a viable business as I am spending every dime I have, and many I don’t to make it happen, so numbers, business, budgets, the bottom line will be something I know very well.  It will matter that it can support itself and me, and if it can’t, well, lets not get negative yet.

I’m super excited and feel so blessed to be able to take this kind of adventure.  Timing is such an interesting phenomena, isn’t it?  If I hadn’t came to grad school in SLO, I wouldn’t have found MINDBODY at just the right time.  If I hadn’t found MINDBODY, I may not have gotten the amazing experience of helping wellness businesses grow for the last 5 years and the confidence that I could be an entrepreneur, something I never imagined I’d do.  If I hadn’t failed my grad school qualifiers I might be teaching a bunch of apathetic college freshmen math.  If I wasn’t honest, open, bold, and available to the owner at the right time, maybe I wouldn’t have had this chance.  If I wasn’t saving as much money as I could the last 3 years, I wouldn’t have been able to make it happen, even if I wanted to.  I am so humbled that all these stars aligned to help one of my dreams come true.

And it was a dream.  Even if I wouldn’t let myself say it out loud.  I remember the first time the dream seed was planted.  I was studying graduate level math with a friend, we would meet up after I went to yoga.  While I was working on homework I thought, “I’d rather just do yoga, or maybe run a yoga studio, than study this abstract subject that is driving me batty. Ah, that’s funny, and it’ll never happen. Back to studying theorems and trying to prove the unproveable.”

So, my adventure begins, and has already begun.  It is more work than I ever imagined.  It’s more paperwork, patience, insurance, money than I thought possible, and “they” lead you to believe.  It’s already rewarding me too.  My website updates and pricing changes have brought in people.  I get to see the stoned-yogi-bliss-look all the time.  I love being able to connect with the staff and students more, in a way that wasn’t really possible when I was only there a couple hours a week.

So it’s official.  I’m about to be a yoga studio owner and rock that shit.  I hope you’re ready for me SLO 🙂

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  1. Kristin says:

    I love that Eric recently signed up for your blog and read me your latest post on his phone while Benny was in the bath. : )

    PS. I’m having sympathy pains. ; )

    PPS. You rock!

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