is roxy really a roxtar?

I have been having an identity crisis lately. I want my pretty flowing flowers to be stars. I wish my beautiful interface worked on all browsers including the droid. I want to come up with the most genius logo that will reflect me and my little yoga teaching living life business perfectly. I want people to understand that when I say my website is ROXTARYOGA.COM it’s not They don’t even hear when I spell it out. Sigh. All of these things aren’t really a big deal, and I’ve accepted that perfection is often the enemy of good enough. So, I am going to work on this blog as time permits, I’m going to forgive myself for not having the most perfect website/blog, yoga practice, or eating habits, and I’m going to change the name of this blog to Roxy Yoga instead of Roxtar Yoga. Don’t worry, those of you who know my true roxtar roots can still call me roxtar and I will always own the URL, but it’s time my friends. It’s time to make my blog have an easy name so people can easily remember it and they don’t get confused. And, even though yoga isn’t all about me, this blog is all me. It’s time for me to evolve from my roxtar roots. I will always have a little roxtar in me though. If you have any input, let me know.

I have added a cool feature so you can subscribe to receive my posts via e-mail and I finally joined twitter too. You can be so connected to me you’ll get sick of me!

Today I taught a pretty standard vinyasa class, but focused a bit more on balancing postures including two sets of eagle, standing bow, and tree. It felt good to clear the mind and laugh a little while wobbling all over the place. Balance poses demand breath and focused gaze. The breath brings you to the here and now and concentrated gaze steadies and centers you, streamlining your attention to a single beam of energy. This added dimension makes every balancing pose a true mediation in motion. Balance poses also tone your lower body. They balance the left and right sides of the brain, and restore and stabilize your equilibrium. Go ahead, pose like a dancer, tree, or eagle, just for a few moments of balance love.

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  1. dc says:

    “You can be so connected to me you’ll get sick of me!”

    yeah sure…some people get all the breaks. excellent work nonetheless.

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