it’s business time

I have been in a spinning vortex of awesome female energy, yogi stoned out bliss, and sweaty goodness at a Fluid Power Vinyasa Yoga Training with one of my favorite teachers, Shiva Rea, at her home studio in Venice Beach, CA.  I arrived straight from NYC late a few nights ago, after spending a few days teaching at another MINDBODY University business intensive, which was another great experience.  I really love teaching, and I feel blessed to be able to teach technology to yogis and others. I was pooped from it though and as I walked into my hotel here in Venice Beach someone yelled my name, it was a fellow trainee from the last time I trained with Shiva.  Yay! I was fried and delirious from travel and work in NYC, but it was nice to be welcomed by a smiling yogi face.  The travel gods were on my side this trip and the hotel in Venice gave me a spontaneous upgrade so I am staying in this “vacation suite”.  It is really a one bedroom apartment with a view of the ocean, probably bigger than my apartment in SLO to be honest.  It is way too much space for me, but lets just say I don’t mind.  I have a full kitchen, a huge TV, and it’s a very peaceful, grounding place to stay. After being in a room the size of a closet in Manhattan for 4 days, it’s like a breathe of fresh air.

BUT. I have no internet. My cell phone barely works in my little oasis. So, friends, this training will be documented the old fashioned way, with paper and pen, and occasional Facebook upload of photos.  I think this is a blessing for me and I will enjoy this time to digest, do yoga, and be free of the never ending distractions that my beloved internet can provide.  I will give you the full scoop of what this yoga training business is all about upon my return to technological reality next week. 

All I know is that having the opportunity to fully immerse myself in something that I love and feel so inspired by, something that gives me energy, that makes my brain spin with new ideas and philosophies, gives me the opportunity to learn, study, sweat, smile, and bond with 100 amazing people, it’s just fucking amazing.  Having the space to feel like you can suck at something and it’s ok and not the end of the world and that it doesn’t mean you are a worthless being or yoga teacher, it’s something we don’t get often enough in life.  I hope everyone finds something that so inspires them, and takes the time to immerse themselves in it, if even for a short time.  So get on your bike, kiss your baby, lick your dog, and smile my friends.  We are riding the wave of life. Cheers.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for reading my yogi rantings, Jesse. I trust you are properly renewed after your cycling oasis weekend at the beach. Lets keep it up, eh 🙂 -Rox

  2. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the upbeat post Rox. Really sets a good tone for the rest of day. Only 5 more hours till the weekend where I will be immersed with good friends and killer bike riding.

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