Living Yoga Sadhana

I have completed 180 training contact hours for the Prana Flow Teacher Training Certification and I am working on completing the rest of the certification requirements which include a few different home study projects. Over the last 3 weeks I have been developing and practicing a Living Yoga Sadhana as part of my “Om Work”.

Sadhana is the sanskrit name that often gets translated as practice. The only problem with “practice” is that it can often become something we “do” and soon become a separate part of stream of daily life. To embody the flow in yoga is to enter the continuous stream of living yoga. –

Shiva often translates sadhana as the groove into one’s self. That groove can be like a subtle track, at first we learn a technique and the process is just beginning and is not established. Gradually, through daily process, the track has flow and transformational momentum and then develops into a natural channel that becomes a pathway within. I have found that sometimes I live in “technique land” for quite a while before I find my groove. But eventually the groove gets sweeter with patience. To live yoga, it is important to cultivate pathways that irrigate all aspects of one’s life and changes according to one’s nature. The purpose of developing my own sadhana is to develop practices that I fall in love with enough to sustain me when I’m not feeling the love flowing within me.

My Sadhana has been dedicated to renewed health and wellness. I have been slowly but surely falling in love with the practice of yoga for the last 5 years and during this time I have also become more aware of my health as an all-encompassing whole. I have tried to manage my health in a myriad of ways, and I have found that Ayurveda appeals to me more than any other “diet” or way of taking care of myself. Part of my Sadhana is to eat more Ayurvedically and also not drinking alcohol for 30 days to give my body a rest and gentle cleanse.

Check out one of my favorite Aurveda books, Ayurveda: A Life of Balance, a basic, but good cookbook, Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners, and my favorite Ayurveda recipe ever!

What kind of practices do you have that sustain you? Riding bikes? Singing karaoke? Is it time to add another practice or layer to the mix? I ride bikes, eat veggies, practice yoga and wouldn’t have thought I needed another layer but have really enjoyed this process. Maybe you could too.

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2 Responses to Living Yoga Sadhana

  1. admin says:

    It really is a fine art deciding which practices that work for you, and sticking with them.

    Giving up the cocktails hasn’t been exactly easy with so many social obligations where it’s common and expected to have a drink. I’ll post my thoughts and challenges in the next few days though, there have been interesting moments for sure.

  2. Jesse says:

    Good food for thought. Adding another layer to a Sadhana will always be possible yet identifying which layer to add and when to to add it is the challenge. Giving up alcohol is intriguing since so many social event involve around it. I’m curious to know what difficulties, if any, were encountered during the experience.

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