A Letter to the Mammas

Swoosh, swoosh, swipe, cough, cough…That’s me dusting off this bloggy blog to send a letter to my mamma friends.  Lets hope I can get this thing posted before my napping baby wakes up.

This is a list of my favorite, go-to yoga moves that can be done while pregnant and beyond to help mammas deal with the enormous physical challenges of growing babies (and to help you recover too).  These poses have literally saved me.  While pregnant, I turned to these when I couldn’t really do much yoga because I kept straining muscles, I was exhausted, and dealing with carpal tunnel and adema and too much work in preparation for my little one.  In my recovery phase they have helped me alleviate the various aches and pains that creep up due to the hard physical and mental work of feeding, carrrying, and caring for my little one.  I am here to remind you that all it takes is one breath, one pose, and one moment to get your center and help you rejuvenate.  Stop trying to do it all.  Stop pretending you don’t need more rest than you usually do.  Stop holding yourself to some unrealistic standard of fitness that now is not the time for.  Do one of these poses. Take a breath.  Perhaps go to bed if you can.  You got this.

Reclined Butterfly

Neck Stretches

Door Shoulder Stretches


High and/or Low Yogi Squats

Wide Forward Fold & Twisted Variation

5 Minute Meditation

I have taken a prenatal yoga teacher training, have worked with a post natal physical therapist, and am now attempting to get back to being a yoga teacher bad ass.  If you think I can help you in any way, just let me know.  I’m sorry I can’t add images at the time of posting this, baby is waking up, but these all have links so you can get more details.  xoxoxox.


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