money, sex, or power

“All who are to become teachers will be tested in three areas: money, sex, or power – possibly in all of them.” said Yogi Bhajan according to the book Kundalini Yoga, The Flow of Eternal Power.

Isn’t everyone challenged in at least one of these three areas at some point in their lives? I suppose not everyone, but I wonder. What a neat little challenge package this provides. Watch out for money, sex, or power, they’re like the boogy man hiding around your next curve! This cycle of life I am challenged by time. I am moving. I am trying to change my career a bit. I am trying to practice yoga for reals yo, rather than acting like those five minutes before I pass out on my couch count as meditation. Balance is elusive sometimes. But change is good. And money, sex, and power are sneaky little devils that may be behind your next freak out or fearful moment indirectly. Watch it. And maybe add ego to that list.

Ziggy Marley said it best, the only thing that lasts is Love. (He is in in this months issue of Yoga Journal). I will keep that in mind.  Toodles for now bloggerini peeps. I miss you.

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