My Core Was Officially Fused

While in NYC a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to try lots of different yoga classes, food, and fun, as one would expect in one of the world’s largest cities. I had an asian style tofu hot dog at an outdoor food market. I enjoyed a picnic dinner in my hotel room of sushi and pizza slices. I was lucky enough to get my ass handed to me at a Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa which got me wondering about my yogic-cycling ways. It’s a class that combines pilates and dance bar strength moves, with a little yoga and weights. I got up at 6am before my last day of work in the city, which is very difficult in that city. I started looking at the clock within 10 minutes of the class starting. It was one of those classes where you notice your limbs shaking uncontrollably and you watch in awe, wonder, and exhaustion. What muscle is that? How is it vibrating so profusely? The class was taught by one of those New York beauties that exist everywhere in the city, probably a dancer-actress-model whose ass did not look real. She kept adjusting me like crazy and I was just praying she’d leave me alone because I wasn’t doing it poorly because I couldn’t hear her, I just couldn’t make myself shake any further or my muscles would give out!

In the end I really enjoyed the class. It challenged me efficiently, quickly and in a different way than what I’m used to. I am thinking I need to take more of these different make-my-legs shake classes. Don’t worry though, yoga is still my main squeeze. Maybe we’ll add some moves to shake up my next yoga classes?

On another note, I had an easier time focusing on my yoga practice while traveling than I am having now that I’m home. It’s been one of those weeks where I can’t seem to get up early enough and keep forgetting that I need to get my practice in, that I want to get it in, and that it’ll make everything better. And wine tastes entirely too good this week! Cheers to another new day…

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