My Green Travel Mission

I’m on a mission which begins this Sunday-Friday. My goal is to have “0% waste” during a trip to NYC. My inspiration? Mother Earth? Lets see how far we can take this!  Yesterday I attended the SLO green awards, a yearly event in San Luis Obispo, CA where the city Chamber of Commerce recognizes businesses, organizations or individuals who have voluntarily undertaken effective efforts, projects or operational improvements to reduce pollution, improve resource conservation and sustainability or improve air and water quality. This years winners were the Paso Robles Recycling and Waste Processing facility, A building company, a hair and skin care company, and Mr. Eco, whose video is pretty funny if you want a chuckle.  It was super inspiring to see what can be done on a large scale with the right intention and reasonable effort.

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Have you noticed how much trash and waste is part of traveling? And how normal it is for people to travel by car and air these days?  I’ve been traveling often for the last five years and although I’ve made some simple changes I feel good about, it’s always a challenge minimizing waste when you’re outside your comfort zone, since I really like to travel a lot, I have traveled in car, plane or even yacht, since now a days you can get yacht rental with the best letters and signs from sites like so these yachts look great. Hеrе аt FL Yacht Signs and even using yacht sign to improve the looks of the yacht with a great sign for this. Lets see. I can’t bring food or water through security, so I guess I’ll buy some crappy airport food, if I’m lucky I’ll find a bean burrito with a bell pepper in it. You often end up buying some water and a smutty magazine. Breakfasts and lunches are often grabbed to go. The plane trip itself uses tons of fuel.

So, I already have some pretty awesome travel routines including travel in limos with the use of services I found using Ottawa Limo business listings online, so I will outline my plan below to take it to the next level. It’s great to do the things that are easy, but eventually you’ve got to kick it up a notch and do the things that aren’t.

  1. Airport food.  This is always the hardest.  Once I brought a kale salad and tofu in glass tuperware through security and it wasn’t a problem.  So I’m going to bring food from home for my departure trip.  Energy bars, nuts, fruit, a sandwich or burrito or something.  The SLO airport even said I could bring food in a thermos as long as it’s mostly solid food.  Maybe I’ll try that, but I’m afraid of causing a ruckus and losing my awesome thermos.
  2. Water bottle.  I’m going to bring two this time because I often lose one.  I’m bringing the small one with a wide mouth for the airport.  I can often find a way to fill it with a drinking fountain or the water button at the soda fountains at fast food restaurants.  I’m bringing the 32 ounce bottle for my work event so I can stay hydrated while I teach all day.
  3. Tea and Emergen-C.  I bring these on the plane so when they are serving the soda to everyone else, I can have some tea.  This would be another good opportunity to use my thermos so I don’t use a styrofoam cup.  Yes, I’m going this far!
  4. Breakfast in my hotel room.  This is a no brainer which I do every time I travel already.  I bring “Roxy’s Oatmeal Special”.  It kind of tastes like pie.  It’s rolled oats, raisins, walnuts, vanilla soy protein powder made with the hotel coffee maker.
  5. Lunches.  This will be a challenge.  I often only get 45 minutes in Manhattan for this.  I often get to go food from Whole Foods or a cafe which comes in to-go containers with bags and utensils that get thrown away.  My ideas:  I’ll try to eat in rather than take it to-go.  I could reuse my whole foods container for the week or bring my owner containers.  I could bring my own utensils and cloth napkins too.  I will try to avoid whole foods and stick to the local cafes too.
  6. Dinners.  We often eat at restaurants but sometimes I get it to-go so I can have a hotel room picnic and relax.  Same ideas as lunch.
  7. I’m going to offset my flight for the trip.  I figure the savings I’ll make by bringing my own food for my departure flight, eating breakfast on my own each day, can be applied to offsetting the carbon footprint of my flight.

I’ll let you know how I do!

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