Notes from cleansing land

Notes from day 3 of my spring cleanse. Simple, wholesome food can actually be tasty and enjoyable. Eating your largest meal at lunch and a smaller dinner actually feels good once you’re used to it. Yin yoga is blissful. Meditation is like candy for the brain and spirit. Nature is my friend. My body is my friend. And lover. I don’t have to eat something every time I feel “hunger” in my stomach. Sometimes hunger isn’t what my body is feeling at all. Sometimes it’s my mind being needy. Unsweetened herbal tea and warm lemon water are good snacks. I really like vegetables. And salt. I’m looking forward to sushi and a nice refreshing beer on Tuesday. Cleansing the body and taking an over-consumption break doesn’t have to imply starvation or extreme measures. Eating cleanly is the best way for me to detoxify, cleanse, feel healthier in the body and mind. It is not always easy to hear what your body is saying. I would rather eat ghee in my food than take a shot of it every morning.

Tomorrow is the last day of my cleanse. The retreat aspects of my journey is over. It was great. I am sleepy.

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  1. Holly says:

    You said it so well! It is good to remember (for me too) that we don’t have to eat everytime we feel hunger, and sometimes it’s really not hunger at all! Taking time to slow down and cleanse is really a gift for the body, mind and spirit. So many people tend to go for the quick pleasures in life, yet don’t take time to balance it back out – thus too much YANG! I’m glad you got a lot out of the weekend, and know I did too, and enjoyed your open spirt.

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