Oh, Life. You’re Funny.

Just checking in regarding my Eat The Greens summer mission 2016.  After a very successful first week where I ate not one, but TWO bunches of steamed swiss chard (my baby even ate it!), I found myself feeling great.  I think I ate vegan / no wheat for like 5 days!  Then…the inevitable…I ate all the cheese and drank all the wines for a bit!  I failed at meal planning and shopping and sleeping enough.  I was a walking zombie for a few days shoveling pizza in my mouth.  It was pretty fun. Check out these Phenq reviews.

They actually smiled?

They actually smiled?

Do you need the details?  Probably not.  I just thought I’d try to keep it real.  No, I don’t want to get cancer again, but dang, busy life makes it hard sometimes to be balanced, doesn’t it?  What is true balance, for me, in all reality?  I was reminded not to get too crazy in either direction – too healthy or too much fun.  I ate the greens when I could.  I let my to-do list simmer away a little neglected and didn’t let it keep me up at night.  Guess what, that to-do list is not going to kill anyone!  The undone work doesn’t go anywhere or cause a catastrophe (most of the time)!   I like the wine and cheeses.  I have recovered pretty darn well from having a baby a year ago.  I feel strong and fit lately.  My soul is smiling.  I will take a wellness blood test soon after breastfeeding ends and see where some other health markers are, out of curiosity.  Have you heard of wellness fx before?  It’s pretty cool.

My formula for the moment:  Eat some greens, beans, berries when you can. Try not to only eat cheese, wine, and chocolate, oh and bread for every single meal.  Love in all ways.  Work hard.  Find work you can love.  Chill sometimes too.  Find the spirit of Esalen at least once per week in normal life.  Surround yourself with good peeps.

Have you guys tried any new activities you’ve loved lately?  I have re-found my love of hiking and I LOVE our new YoBarre classes at Smiling Dog!  It’s really just circuit training with a barre and some yoga, but I love it!

Keep it real my friends, keep it real.  Have you seen my baby walk yet?  This ain’t the best video, but it’s real!

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