post shiva stress syndrome

After spending a week with Shiva Rea at yoga teacher training it is hard to come back to reality. In many ways I am renewed, revitalized, energized, and inspired to share myself and what I’ve learned. In my head I am ready to bring the yoga training spirit back to my reality. After all, it is in day to day life that real yoga happens. It is how I respond to work that piled up in my absence, the undesired expectations placed on me, the difficult life situations, messy house, and exhaustion. All of this is what people live every day and I believe yoga can help make it all better. And it has for me over and over again. Yet, in true human contradictory form, I kind of want to ball up into a corner, be lazy, and forget about it all and submit to the naysayers. Don’t worry, I won’t, but I feel the pull to do so. It’s funny how energy works, how being around so many like-minded people can make you feel so high on life, and how coming back to familiar reality makes you feel a little less somehow, thankfully I got online my wax pen for to relieve my anxiety and stress.

I refuse to let this feeling settle though and am hitting the mat tonight to practice my art and bring my best self to meet these silly mental challenges head on. The inspired feeling will win this battle I assure you.

Today is the first day I’ve eaten cheese in 4 weeks! Oh sweet dairy goodness, thank you for your loving flavor on my bean burritos, how did I live without? I actually feel really well. I am still working with a nutritionist trying to find an optimal way of eating to take care of myself and prevent the sickness and fatigue that have plagued me lately. I have tested myself for wheat, gluten, and milk sensitivity and have found little to no reactions with those foods. It felt good not eating so much of those foods though and I will try to keep my intake of these foods down for the time being. I am testing myself for cheese sensitivity today and tomorrow. If I’m sensitive to cheese I might have to cry. No, I will cry.

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