Pyramid versus Plate

my plate

The U.S. Department of Agriculture replaced their old school pyramid with the new MyPlate graphic.  The interweb is all abuzz like a kid in a candy store. Is this really that big of a deal? I wonder how much do people really turn to the government for this type of advice and how much this graphic will change the trend of increasing obesity and unhealthiness in general.  Is this possibly another band aid for a bigger problem?  Maybe we can consider what drives us and our kids to overeat in the first place?  The 2000-3000 marketing messages the average person sees/hears each day?  The stress of the “economy” or not being able to support oneself or ones family?  Big business agriculture and their constant agenda to keep turning profit?  The fact that ketchup is considered a vegetable in school lunches? Don’t get me wrong, I like the plate.  And I like ketchup. And cheese. Wait, I’m losing my train of thought here… the plate is actually how I try to eat in general, and it’s a pie graph, who doesn’t love a good pie? Check out the latest leptoconnect reviews.

Some organizations mention that MyPlate is at odds with agriculture subsidies that promote high-fat, high-calorie food products. It’s also at odds with the fact that fast foods, unhealthy foods, freaking taste good and we are human after all.

Interesting thoughts to say the least. I appreciate what Mrs. Obama is trying to accomplish in her fight against obesity and hope that this is a step in the right direction. Let’s hit farmers market this weekend, shall we? Eat some carrots and strawberries with your breakfast.

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