Yoga Stuff

I have a lot of online documentation from teaching that I thought I’d post here for reference. This is a work in progress.

Baptiste Power Yoga Overview
Dynamic Side Plank Sequence
Headstand – Salamba Sirsasana
Home Practice on the Floor
Mandala Namaskar Sequence
Shoulder Opening Sequence
Wrist and Carpal Tunnel Be Gone
Yin Yoga Practice
Tight Hip Anonymous
List of Various Diseases and their Curative Asanas from Light on Yoga
Is this pain good for me?
yoga and injuries: the great debate of 2012

Healthy Eating and Cleansing Resources:
The Manifesto of a Clean Freak
Clean Your Internal House Part 1
Clean Your Internal House Part 2
Clean Your Internal House Part 3
My Favorite Vegan(ish) Recipes
My Favorite Healthy Meal

A Mandala Namaskar Prep Sequence

The following two templates are saved as web pages so you should easily be able to print them and get a blank template to use to write up future sequences for practicing or teaching.
A Printable Sequence Template (w/ 2 waves, 1 page)
A Printable Sequence Templace (w/ 3 waves, 2 pages)

Once you open the following Google doc, you can go to File > Upload to upload it to your own Google docs to edit, or File > Download As so you can save it in another electronic format you can work with.
An Editable Sequence Template