SLO Porch Lettuce Wraps

As I get ready to embark on an epic adventure over the pond, I leave you with yummy food inspiration. While I’m doing my best to find vegetarian food in the Netherlands and not gorge myself on gouda you should make and eat this in my honor. Looks delicious!

One of my favorite cookbook authors from says, “I could call these White Bean, Nectarine and Asparagus Lettuce Wraps With Edamame Pesto, but I’m afraid you’d fall asleep reading that!”

lettuce wraps

“Sometimes location just guides your hand in the kitchen. In the Northeast, I gravitate towards root vegetables, in California I sneak avocado into absolutely everything, and when I’m in the Pacific Northwest, a tiny fairy with stretched earlobes and full sleeves whispers in my ear, “Put some fruit in that.”  (Since I’m in California I give you permission to have your avocado and fruit both!  Break the rules!)”

“I’m like “Wha?! Fruit on my pizza? Fruit in my sausages? Fruit in my beans?” And the fairy is like “Yes, yes and yes!” And I’m like “What are you listening to?” (because she has an iPod shuffle on) and she’s like, “Nothing, you’ve never heard of it.” Then she brushes her black and white bangs out of her eyes.”

Click here for the full recipe…

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