I am a workaholic with a passion for wellness, technology, and small business.  I am currently working full-time as Director of Client Education at MINDBODY, Inc where we focus on helping make wellness businesses better.  I had the gift of owning and operating Smiling Dog Yoga, in San Luis Obispo, CA from 2011 – 2016 where I learned first hand what it took to run a small wellness space.  During the same time frame I also owned and operated a consulting business, Liberate Your Biz, where we helped over 300 wellness businesses focus on metrics and growth.

I have worked with MINDBODY since 2005 and love, love, love so much about what I get to do helping businesses grow and thrive.  I love our clients and the way they serve their communities.  I love bringing technology to businesses that wouldn’t normally get it, although that’s starting to change.  When I first got hired, I thought, I would have started this company myself if I was just 10 years older and wiser and… 😉

Links to Articles I’ve Written / Contributed to on behalf of MINDBODY:

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