Sometimes Less is More

This was a week of opportunities. Some of them fully enjoyed, some of them only lightly embraced. I subbed a few yoga classes this weekend that weren’t my typical forte. The classes were titled Sweet Vinyasa, instead of my usual Strong Vinyasa classes. It was described as being “Paced for those wanting a more methodical experience of flow yoga. Fundamentals of alignment and breath in postures are explored.” That is a bit different than what my typical “Hurt So Good” kind of class, it was time to get in touch with my “Touchy Feely” side, or so it seemed.

The Sweet Vinyasa classes seemed to have a wider range of ability levels, I had some people who had never practiced yoga at all, and people who have strong, regular yoga practices. I hadn’t taught beginner’s in a while, “hmmmm we’ll see how this goes”, I thought. I had class all mapped out, and as we started to get into it, I realized it was time to step off the reservation. It was time to improvise and adjust my “hurt so good” yogi-self to the energy and level of the class. We all start as beginner’s at one point. We all take baby steps, learn how to ride a bike, and shake our way through our first Chaturangas and feel completely awkward. Yet, we often feel exhilarated taking those first steps. What a great opportunity to be part of those first baby steps and help people remember to feel good about it after wards. To see their stoned, happy, yogi faces. It was good to be reminded that no matter how knowledgeable or advanced we become, it is often healthy to take a step back, revisit the basics, and breathe. The simplicity felt refreshing. It doesn’t always have to be an epic practice for it to be healthful, effective, and fun.

Something magical has been happening lately. Students seem to actually be hearing more of what I say! ha. I wonder how many teachers have thought that before. 🙂 My yogi friends seem to be listening to their bodies and taking the variations of postures I offer more often than they used to. Rather than torturing themselves competing with their neighbors or some ideal version of themselves. This week it was towards the end of a Strong Vinyasa class and everyone had that yogi-stoned, blissed out look on their faces. I said, “well we could do this next posture here…” and I looked around and everyone was already in Savasana, or Corpse Pose. They were like “Uh uh, not me, I’m going to just lay right here.” Good job yogi friends!

As we transition into fall it’s a great time of year to take stock of life and make changes. I am going to do a little Ayurveda cleanse again this fall. Work on finishing my yoga training requirements. Possibly take this Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test thingy. I think 4 days of yin yoga, meditating, long baths, whole grains, beans, and veggies sound scrumptious. Join me perhaps? Oh OK, you don’t have to cleanse, or do yoga, but maybe it’s time to make that change you’ve been pondering???

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

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2 Responses to Sometimes Less is More

  1. kristin eldridge says:

    Lovely thoughts. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. SteveM says:

    and some of us are as reprobate as ever .. 😛

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