Spring Cleaning Part Deux

It’s the morning of my 2nd day of my Ayurvedic Cleanse and I am happy to report I feel great. My friend and I are participating in the workshop together, and yesterday we were pretty grumpy and negative for about an hour. The kitcheree was too bland, can we add salt please???, I’m hungry, I have a headache, yada yada yada. Then we got to our retreat and it was like ahhhhh. Everyone is going through the same thing, and it made it feel so much lighter. Thankfully, we were given the go ahead on salt, whew. Who knew herbal mint tea would taste so amazing. It was great to be able to ask questions and talk with people and not feel so frustrated while you’re body is cleansing.

It’s always so amazing to me how quickly the body goes into “cleanse mode.” By mid-afternoon yesterday I was hungry and felt a little weak. That’s only two freaking cleansing meals. I’m also impressed by how much of eating is done for mental reasons and not physical, and how obvious it is when you do something like a cleanse. It’s not like I’m starving, I’ve got a healthy layer of fat on my body and I’m eating pretty good food, spiced rice and beans and vegetables yet my head goes into grumpiness pretty quickly. Last night we had a yin yoga class which really hit home and brought peace to my mind. In a way, cleansing is like meditation for the body. It gives you an opportunity to turn off the distractions and just breathe. I came home and took our requisite bath and found myself a little tired and out of it, yet not overwhelmingly so. I cleaned my kitchen and did a few more house things before retiring for the night. During past cleanses I’ve needed to pass out at 8pm and get 12 hours of sleep so I am enjoying the more natural body rhythm that this cleanse seems to encourage. Off to our 3rd session where we will learn how to make ghee, kitcheree, go on a meditative hike, and more yin yoga. Then, I have a party with friends where I will need to be nice to myself and take it easy. This will be the challenge, yet, I think to myself, there are always more good times to be had, missing one or a few isn’t going to kill me or make life unenjoyable or make my friends disown me.

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