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Tonight I attended a dinner and presentation sponsored by Softec, a local group that promotes and facilitates networking (of the human type), resource sharing, advocacy, and economic development for the software and technology industries on the Central Coast of California. It helps businesses and individuals establish contacts and share experience and technical knowledge with others interested in software and technology.

Start a Business In Your Underwear supplied tips and tricks from Branden Jenkins, CEO of Retail Anywhere and President/Chairman of Ground Control Systems on launching a new business. Based off his recent experience in creating, Branden will show us how he created a new business on a Saturday night without leaving his house.

“This was not the first time I have had a new business idea, but this was the first one I could do without adding much to my workload. In fact, I figured I could do everything virtually and not even leave my computer. That became my core business plan.

To get this to fly with my wife and not distract me from my real job I had to be able to pull everything together fast. Time is money and I am not very patient. I already work all day, everyday thanks to my PDA. I decided if I wanted to make this happen I would have to take my idea to go-live over just a few short Saturday evenings. After kids go to bed 😉

My mission was to not have to leave my home office to start this business. It was not an option, I just did not have any free time and no one is open Saturday night. I mean everything, from LLC, logo & web design to banking & mail. I had to create a business from my home in my underwear (PJs).”

What I liked most is that he shared many online resources for starting a business. I had no idea companies like this existed. I thought these might be useful to yogis and roxtar’s alike.

He invested about $3000 to get started and about 6 hours one Saturday evening.  It’s pretty amazing what one can do online these days. It’s been a year and the business is breaking even already. He spends a few hours each month running credit cards.

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