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I believe so deep in my soul that all we need is to slow the fuck down, breath, learn to relax and meditate in some form, and All Else will follow.  Yoga, wellness, The Power of Now, and The Power of Enough.  What has sparked you?  We can be happier.  We can save our majestic and suffering planet home.   The spark energy is available to each and every one of us to transform ourselves and everything we touch. We will change our lives without needing to be richer, skinnier, or prettier.  We shall make each moment count 110%.  My mission in life.  Boo. Ya.- Read more about source news.

This time of year where we experiencing the shortest days of the year, perhaps (cough, cough) indulging in more holiday goodies than we mean to, we are inundated with media asking us…

“5 Steps to Actually Achieve Your New Years Resolutions!”
“How to Energetically open ourselves for Goodness & Possibility in 2018”
“10 New Year’s Resolutions the Buddha (probably) would have Made”
“Screw last year”

Blah, freaking blah.

Can we let go of the idea of trying to achieve levels of fitness that aren’t really helpful or necessary to day-to-day life?  I mean, where are we running to?  Why do we need to be permanent triathletes?  Why are we obsessed with conquering our bodies?  There are times in life where we get to exercise excessively and try to achieve optimal levels of fitness for the fun of it.  Those times maybe aren’t when you are in the parenting toddler phase or middle aged phase of life or when you can’t stop injuring yourself. Find the best way to prevent the most common digestive related conditions with healthy and natural supplements at

Can we let go of the idea that physical wellness looks a certain way?  It’s an internal feeling as much as it is a look.  What the media shoves down our throats is not physical health.  It’s a distorted idealization of youth.  It looks like you when you’ve made yourself a priority.  I remember the first time I really saw it.  It was someone’s aunt.  She was so radiant and “old” compared to me, my parents age perhaps.  Her face was kind of wrinkly from living a good life.  Deep smile lines all over the place.  She was so beautiful.  I realized that I could only hope to look like her one day.  The sparkle in her eyes.  They way she was so deeply present to the people around her.  She listened better than anyone I had ever met and was so genuine and enthusiastic to hear about who I was. Check out the latest carbofix reviews.

This post is the first of a series of posts where we’ll discuss all things health, wellness, business in the new year.  I’ll use the 7 pillars of wellness as shared by MINDBODY, UC Riverside, and infinite others as a backbone and source of inspiration.  We recognize that being a healthy, functional person is so much more than just the physical.  It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It includes social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness. 

7 pillars of wellness image

7 pillars of wellness

Your read My Why above.  To help people become healthier, happier versions of themselves.  To spread the spark energy.  To help those who want to stop living in coulda, shoulda, woulda.  To be the best version I can be for my Lucy and every person I get to dance with.

As we delve into each piece of this pie you will hear my thoughts and experiences and resources that I’ve found helpful in my quest to become a better version of myself every damn day.  One big piece of this blog project for me is to tie this back to my yoga studio ownership experience and experience helping wellness businesses survive and thrive since 2005.  These experiences have so shaped who I am, and are somewhat unique in the world, so I am going to share some of my thoughts and experiences from that in hopes I don’t forget and that they can help you and your business do better than I did.

Happy 2018 Folks.  Lets make this one a good one.

Inspiration from Simon Sinek that inspired this post:

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