Still Cleansing

Tonight I have reached the end of the 2nd day of my Yin Yoga & Ayurveda Cleanse Retreat. I have bee meditating, eating beans, rice, and veggies, practicing yin yoga, and taking some digestive herbs and herbal teas. The retreat has met for a few hours each day, and then we’re on our own. Today’s class was great. We had a meditative hike which led us into the lush green hills of Arroyo Grande with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and ocean. During the silence in nature I felt very peaceful, much more than I have in a while. I felt such gratitude for everything around me. I felt awe for mother nature and the shade of green she has painted the typically brownish mountains of the central coast. The sun was shining, the wind was brisk, it felt good to be alive. Yin yoga felt amazing per usual. I feel like I should meditate and practice yin every morning, even if just for 20 minutes. 10 minutes. It feels like it has such a positive impact on me, my mind and my body. I feel at peace. I want to be nicer to myself and those around me. I realize that it isn’t such a big deal. I want to have fun, but not so much I make myself sick. Not that I want to give up my lover vinyasa, I think I would like to split my time more between the two practices.

We had a cooking demonstration and enjoyed lunch as a group. I really like my version of kitcheree better, I think I don’t like one or two of the spices she uses, but I’ve taken to adding enough veggies to it so it tastes better to me. This cleanse has been better than any of the juice cleanses I have tried in the past. For me, staying nourished is a must. I still have moments of feeling a little angry or hungry, but never so much that I feel overwhelmed by it.

Tonight I went to a St. Patrick’s Day party with my friends. It’s an annual event, and it’s usually very fun and decadent 🙂 I really enjoyed it again this year as always and it was not as hard as I thought it would be to stick to my cleanse. I had a single bite of corned beef, a single sip of beer, and sipped my water all night long. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not a strict kind of yogi, and those bites were just enough flavor for me to say “Mmmm, I’ll enjoy you later.” My friend Matt played some awesome tunes and I got up and danced the night away. I was reminded how much of my behavior is just pure habit, ok, sometimes it’s stress related too. But tonight my friends, I just let go of “the cleanse mind” and had a grand ole time. If I can have a blast while cleansing, I should be able to enjoy all life has to offer, in some way, right? And let me tell, you, it really wasn’t that hard. I just had to sit through some quiet moments, some tiny moments of hunger or sleepiness that eventually the song was right, and it was time to let a little roxtar out to play. Sometimes a little patience and uncomfort is ok. Tonight I didn’t worry about what I was or wasn’t doing that others were or weren’t doing, and just smiled and enjoyed the present moment.

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