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I am writing this from the MINDBODY booth at Yoga Journal Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  After a successful Business of Yoga part of the conference where I taught about Online Marketing I am now holding down the MINDBODY fort in the Yoga Marketplace with other yoga related vendors (soy chai latte in hand).  I have been blessed to attend quite a few of these conferences and although the travel aspect gets me down sometimes, I am always thankful once I’m here. I have included some photos of my Yoga Journal friends, Be Present & Autumn Tenyl Designs.

This morning I took a class with Wade Imre Morissette called Dynamic Sweat Vinyasa.  The class was described as “a vigorous flow based on intelligent sequencing principles.”  It was a small class, only 20 people, and I definitely sweated and enjoyed myself.  He based his class on the Arch Progression Model as taught by Desikachar, Krishnamacharya, and Mount Madonna Yoga Center.

My intention for the class was to stay connected to my breath, to remember the goal of vinyasa yoga is connecting each breath with movement and not just moving and challenging the body. One of the biggest challenges for me is to keep breathing during a challenging class.  I get out of breath like I’m jogging and power through like I’m at the gym with a personal trainer.  At the end of a class where I lose my breath I feel exhausted rather than energized.  The goal is to feel grounded and alert, not to need a nap!  I really enjoyed his class and the Arch Progression Model of teaching a vinyasa class and it was very similar to the Wave Shiva teaches.  Both models go through warming up the body, connecting to the breath, practicing warm up poses to get you ready for the apex pose, doing the apex pose, and gradually taking the class down to the floor for Savasana.

There was a yogi next to me who was breathing like they were in labor!  It was distracting at some moments, but it actually made me better focus on my own practice and breath.  As I said, I have been there before: huffing and puffing and not even noticing what I’m doing to my body or breath.  I hope that I shared the space well for my fellow yogi.  Many of us come to the yoga mat for different reasons, often it’s the physical benefits we seek.  And we usually feel better physically after a class, no matter how we breathe or how deep we can stretch, and we feel even better the more yoga we do.  Eventually we start to feel mental benefits though and maybe even later this leads us to be interested in the spiritual aspect.  I can’t forget the small beginnings because that’s what makes the end so sweet.  It almost made me appreciate my practice and yoga more to be reminded what it’s like at the beginning and to feel the rewards I’ve been able to reap.

Funny Story!  The first day of the conference we were finishing setting up the booth, doing the final touches, putting containers away, and chatting with our neighbors. While chatting with my neighbor I noticed her eyes get big as she was looking at something behind me.  She couldn’t speak exactly, but her and two others who were facing us were making this “ahhhhh” face.  All of the sudden the booth crashed on my back and I look to my left to see our enormous, expensive MAC falling face first to the floor!  It was very slow motion as my colleague happened to be right there and barely caught the beast before it very scarily smacked into the floor. Apparently this crash was caused by our neighbors from behind, Lululemon.  A rogue box escaped their grasp and must have hit our booth from behind in the perfect spot to cause an avalanche.  I can’t believe they fit the amount of retail in their tiny booth, it’s no wonder the box jumped for it’s life.

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  1. Susan Reeves says:

    Hey Roxanne! I hope you’re ok after having that booth fall on you!!

    We had Wade visit us here in Texas a few months ago. Isn’t he fun?

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