Teaching Update

Prenatal Yoga

Remember when I was pregnant and teaching?

This week is my last week teaching a weekly class at Smiling Dog for a while! I am taking a self care break and will be subbing when I can.  I will keep my schedule up to date on this blog and on social media.

I am excited to be taking more classes, writing on my blog, working on my own teacher training certs, and plotting my next teaching / business steps. Bittersweet. Come practice with me this week!

Today M 2/27 @ 7pm Vin I

Weds 3/1 @ 4pm Hatha

Fri 3/3 @ 12pm Vin II

(Sign up online if ya want…)

I’m hopeful I’ll be back soon and would love to stay connected to my  yoga friends.  I would love to plan yoga dates with you where we take together, hike, coffee, whatever.  Please stay in touch!


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