Ten ways to deal with change

I’ve been told that I’m one of those people who are never satisfied with what I’ve got. I’ve also been told that the world needs movers and shakers to balance out the slow and steady types. My moving and shaking seems to roll in 5 year waves and I’m feeling the winds of change lately. I feel pretty comfortable making the day to day decisions, but the big choices, the life choices, big changes, those ones are a little harder. Here’s a list of what’s getting me through these winds of change.

  1. Sleep. Lots of sleep.
  2. Meditation. It’s imperative for me to meditate each day.  My mind gets especially anxious when there are big choices lingering out there for me.  20 minutes a day.
  3. Journaling.  It feels good to get the thoughts out. Babbling doesn’t always need company.
  4. Loved ones.  Friends.  Phone calls. Eat together.  Get out of your head and love your peeps.
  5. Smile. It’s not so serious.
  6. Breathe.  Big, full, belly breaths.
  7. Fresh air and sunshine. It just feels good.
  8. My bicycle.
  9. Thai food. Or maybe broiled tofu.
  10. Reading food blogs.  I don’t know why I like to read about food so much, but recipe books, blogs, all of it soothes the soul a bit.  My fave: http://www.theppk.com/.
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  1. Michael Borger says:

    With all these tools I think I would end up embracing change rather than just dealing with it.

    I might want to add watching animals to this list, my list that is. It is something I have rediscovered recently. Not sure if it was my cats or chickens that reminded me. Heck, maybe it was watching they way they interact with each other. Just being themselves. Cats stretching in the sun, dogs licking faces, chickens chasing cats who stop stretching in the sun. I don’t think I ever got the same feeling from the zoo. It is only when they are all around me I really feel how calming it is to live with them.

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