The Day I Realized I’m The Customer At Work

Larger employers and companies want to keep people in salaried positions – locked down and dedicated – it benefits them on many levels, but I propose it doesn’t always benefit the employees as much as it seems.

This isn’t very different than the challenge that the wellness industry is already facing. Old school, large gyms used to force customers to become members. You could either become a member, pay a sign up fee, and sign up for a whole year, or don’t join at all. They hard sold you and didn’t take no for an answer. They didn’t give options for drop-in visits or 10-packs of sessions, maybe some would if you threatened to quit. Until the boutique fitness industry started getting more and more customers.

The gyms didn’t concede and offer what the customer really wanted until their revenue was affected and they had no choice.

So, I wonder, can we change this paradigm, is it already shifting? It is in my world at least.

Thoughts from a lifetime worker who took the plunge to be self employed and can’t forget all I learned.

I wonder how much a mix of dedicated, salaried people and highly specialized contractors could work for different organizations.

I better get back to my salaried work. xoxox.


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