Time for a recap. And pigeon pose.

It’s that time of year again. Time to enjoy family and friends, rest, eat, and if you’re at all like me, it’s time to recap the year and make a plan for the new year. For me, this process has evolved from the pointless New Years Resolutions to become more of an honest inventory and meditation on how I feel about my life and what I can do to keep it rocking and rolling. I get some inspiration from the processes and questions that we ask at a high level at MINDBODY that we regularly incorporate into our operations to ensure we are on the right path to success, from various books, and lululemon.

A year ago I wrote:

“I want to live a little more simply, making as much of my own food as I can, maybe making Sunday a food prep day. I want to continue to make my home more “homey”. I want to spend less money, especially on food and fun. I want to continue to appreciate all of my blessings in work, yoga, family, friends and give it my best. I want to spend more time focusing on longer term goals. Such as traveling to new cultures for leisure. Continuing education. Owning a mini coup convertible. Becoming a rocking yoga teacher. Living in the present moment. Actually have an emergency savings account.”

The outcome of my 2010 goals? There is something about the act of putting things in writing that encourages us to hold ourselves more accountable. I did pretty well with everything and feel positive about the potential in the new year. I feel healthy, happy, grounded, light, and pretty well-equipped to deal with life’s curve balls.

This year what are your goals? Do you have any? Mine range from random, simple things that I just need to take care of (my car, renters insurance, knee issues) to some bigger goals (finish yoga certification, more yoga training, creative writing class). Today, as I’m stranded on the east coast hiding from lots of snow, I am taking the time to think about things from a different perspective and to make sure I start the new year on the right foot. I’m getting inspiration from Lululemon’s Goaltender Website. I also enjoyed the Hedgehog Concept from the book Good to Great. I wrote down a few “fly by the seat of my pants” goals a few years ago, and was amazed that when I found them a few years later, that I had achieved many of the goals I set, without paying regular attention to them.

To properly recover from the holidays, I prescribe pigeon. Lots and lots of pigeon.  It eases the pain from sitting on your bum for too long, releases any emotional tension, and loosens up your dancing muscles for New Years Eve.

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