Top 15 Vegetarian Recipes (Revisited)

Do all yogis love to cook?  Do all cooks do yoga?  As I was type, type, typing away adding my favorite recipes online to create a gift for family I remembered I already have this online!  This is a repost, but I’ve added some new gems to inspire new and improved yummy eating.

This is my list of new and improved list of “go-to” recipes that make eating healthier not feel like eating healthy, but feel like eating good food.

If you’re cooking for people who really love meat or cheese and they start to lose it and muttering something about “the evil baby corn”, stop, don’t make them hate veggies forever!   I advise adding cheese or avocado to save the day!  Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

  1. Roxy’s Oatmeal Surprise – This is my default winter breakfast. It is a finely tuned recipe honed over at least 10 years after I realized instant oatmeal packets have something like 13 teaspoons of sugar or something absurd like that. It’s so unnecessary with a little sweetness from dried fruit and spices. It smells so good you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself to pie for breakfast, but it’s actually pretty good for you.
  2. It’s a Soup Tie – I can’t get enough of either of these which don’t require canned tomatoes and take well to adjustments: Black Bean Soup – Like a little black dress, simple and tasty, goes with everything.  Chickpea Noodle Soup – Love the flavor of the simple herbs, miso and veggie broth. I use rice pasta instead of soba noodles.
  3. For Parties - Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip or Grandma’s Cheesy Potatoes.  While I love my healthy veggie food during the week, these are my standby’s for weekend parties.  Comfort food at it’s finest.
  4. Desserts - Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes (Yes, I’m for real).  I use rum in the cookies instead of brandy.  It’s amazing. For weight loss tricks learn more about nutrisystem.
  5. Crock Pot Beans – It’s so easy and cheap to make your own beans. Plus it makes you feel like you just conquered something magical in the kitchen.  I use this recipe and immediately use some in a soup or salad, and freeze the rest in one cup servings to use in place of canned beans or as emergency bean burritos for lunch when I haven’t grocery shopped. Soak a bag (pound) of beans (black or pinto are my faves) in cold water in the fridge overnight. In the morning drain and rinse the beans. Add them to the crock pot, covered with about an inch or two of water. Add one onion peeled and quartered, two cloves garlic peeled and crushed, two bay leaves, lots of cumin (a few tablespoons). Cook on high all day (6-8 hrs). At the end of the day you come home to yumminess. Serve with rice and cilantro and whatever fits your fancy.
  6. Butternut Squash Risotto – This is my favorite way to use a butternut squash, leftovers are even better. I suggest not omitting the white wine or butter, I often use two buck chuck or whatever I have, but if you omit the wine the final product suffers.
  7. Esalen Kale Salad – This was the recipe that introduced me to kale. I will be forever grateful.  Lovely the way it is, but is also fine with substitutions.  I like to add beans or tofu to make it more of a meal.  Really good with the braggs aminos and avocado.
  8. Lentil Stew – This stew is a favorite for winter, also freezes well. I found it in a magazine a long time ago, and have been making it for years. My first veggie meal before I even knew what a veggie was.
  9. White Bean Kale Soup – I make a version of this often, anytime I cleanse as well. Good and simple and has lent itself well to my “whatever’s leftover from farmers” kind of cooking.
  10. Khichadi – My favorite easy, healthy, lunch meal. Love it with peas, lemon pepper, feta. Also good with lentils and shows up in a many cookbooks and mulajara or something like that.
  11. Minestrone – A great basic soup recipe, you could make it with whatever you wanted and I have used this as a template for many variations. I have added veggie sausage, omitted/added pasta, added different beans, veggies, parmesan, avocado chunks you name it. Everyone I’ve served it to loves it too. If you haven’t noticed, I love stews that are more of a meal, like they used to say in Chunky Soup commercials. Screw buying them canned though, homemade is so much better!
  12. Black Bean Quinoa Salad – (This recipe and the following are from my favorite cookbook ever, the Veganomicon) I use this as a staple recipe. I use whatever beans I have on hand, whatever grain I have on hand (usually rice or quinoa). It’s really simple and tasty. Even better with avocado.
  13. Mac Daddy – Vegan mac and cheese? Yes. It’s good. Try it.
  14. Scrambled Tofu – This is actually better than scrambled eggs because it gets better leftover. A few slices of avocado, roasted potatoes, and you’ve got a pretty good breakfast burrito.
  15. Vegetable Korma – This is a bonus recipe. It’s the best vegetable curry I’ve ever made. It’s not exactly “light” but it’s vegan. So good. Try it if you like Indian food or curry. I’d say it’s more of a weekend meal, it took me 1.5 hours to make it from start to finish, but the leftovers were even better. Great for potlucks.

Comments? Suggestions? What are your favorite recipes, veggie or not?

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