All I have to say is whew right now. I’m at JFK airport waiting to board to LAX, on my way to yoga teacher training, the final 100 hours to complete my 200 hour certification.  Just finished another event on behalf of MINDBODY and there is no rest for the wicked, or so I hear.  I literally taught and met with clients all the way up until getting into a cab for JFK.  Then I started feeling car sick in the cab, all that stop and go, and he wouldn’t turn the AC up and the Turkish music was very surreal while I suppressed my nausea.  At the airport my luggage was 4 pounds over so I had to be one of those people pulling shit out of my bag, but tell me how you pack for 2 weeks of travel, business, yoga, and casual clothes required, without going over 50 pounds!  That’s one reason to like US Air over United, I think their weight limit is 60 lbs not a measly 50.  The guy at United negotiated with me, “just get 2 lbs lower and you’re ok.”  Then I get through security, get my food for the plane, and the CEO of MINDBODY calls.  “Roxanne, I need the presentation I’m supposed to be teaching right now.” F@#!  So I whip out my laptop on a counter top, get online, send the presentation, remember I have 5 more things I need to do online for MINDBODY before I’m in teacher training land and who knows when I’ll come up for air, shit my plane is about to board.  Whew!

Will be back online as I’ll try to document teacher training and maybe even a tidbit or two from my week in NYC. It’s amazing how you find energy when you like what you’re doing :)  (apologies for grammar, typos, and incessant rambles)

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