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Welcome to the website and blog of a yogi business renegade doing her best to live the dream. I’m studio owner and teacher at Smiling Dog Yoga and also offer Consulting Services to yoga studios and clients of MINDBODY.  A true teacher at heart, it is my personal mission in life to help people live healthier, happier, and more sane lives through the practice of yoga, empowering technology, and liberating business practices.

roxtar in forward fold

I hope to inspire people to connect to the pulse of life and practices that help create balance of mind, body, and soul. I hope to provide a yoga space that can help facilitate this. I hope to help wellness businesses thrive so that we can reach even more people than I could possibly affect on my own. Your yoga practice might be riding bicycles, rock ‘n roll, art, food, babies, knitting, or bowling like the dude. For me, it is keeping a balance between my inner yogi, techie, teacher, math nerd, and karaoke loving roxtar. Other interests?  I love riding my bike instead of driving a car, queso dip, wine, friends, efficient compromises. Thank you for honoring my little website, my forum for sharing thoughts on yoga and life and everything in between. Explore away.